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Gas Station
Wilsons Gas Station
State Outskirts of Village En Marais, Louisiana
Campaigns Swamp Fever
"Anyone... know where we are?"
"Hey y'all ask me, these swamp people got it all figured it out, no cops, no rules."

Wilsons Gas Station is a gas station just outside of the town Village En Marais and plays a minor role as a location and starting point in the Swamp Fever campaign of Left 4 Dead 2.


Gas Station 4

The blocked Interstate 10 highway.

A highway gas station just outside the swamp on Interstate 10 next to a train crossing, it helps meet the needs of tourists and travelers who pass by as well as the residents of Village En Marais. The gas station has two fuel pumps, a convenience store, and two repair garages. The repair garages were both only open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm while the garage attached to the convenience store serviced smaller cars and vehicles; there was a larger garage across the station which serviced larger and heavy duty trucks. The gas station's convenience store sold beer, ice, lottery tickets, as well as other small convenient items.

Current StatusEdit

When word of the infection was nearby and how CEDA and the military were both failing at containing the infection, residents of the swamp town decided to take matters into their own hands. They took all the gas out of the pumps, left a banner refusing help, and told people to stay out and a note stating how the pumps were empty because they took all the gas. They barricaded the town to prevent people from getting in and, apparently, held out the longest out of everyone before succumbing to the infection.

After the helicopter crash, the Survivors start off on a nearby train boxcar next to the gas station. They comment on Nick and his reaction to the infected pilot which resulted in the crash and once they are ready, the Survivors leave the train car finding the highway blocked, they head towards the gas station. Some melee weapons and supplies can sometimes be found in the area as well as inside the large garage. Once armed, they continue onward towards Earl's Gator Village and the ferry to get across the swamp towards the small town.


  • This is the second gas station the Survivors pass by in the Left 4 Dead series.
  • This gas station cannot blow up like the Pump 'N' Run Gas station due to there being no fuel left in the gas pumps.
  • Interstate 10 is first seen in this campaign before The Parish due to this campaign also taking place in Louisiana.
  • This gas station is similar to the Ducatel Gas Bar seen at the beginning of the Hard Rain campaign where the Survivors are dropped off. It also has similar fuel pumps, prices, and is also out of gas.
  • Just behind the gas pumps lies a random melee weapon.
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