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Whitney County Bridge
State Whitney County, Pennsylvania
Campaigns Crash Course
"Barricade. Big-ass gun. Anybody got any ideas?"
"For lease. Anybody got a pen? I wanna write this number down."

The Whitney County Bridge is the county's main bridge that provides transportation access to and from the industrial area as well as more of a direct route to both the cities of Riverside and Fairfield. It is a minor location and the first chapter's main Crescendo Event in the DLC Crash Course in Left 4 Dead.


The Survivors crossing the bridge.

The bridge is part of a highway that crosses a river and allows the vehicles to proceed to and from the town of Riverside. The bridge type design used is a truss bridge that is only two vehicle lanes wide. Due to the frequent amount of heavy trucks and vehicles passing by the industrial area, the bridge is most likely reinforced to help accommodate for the extra stress and weight. Just a few miles up the bank, another bridge can be seen. It is a railway bridge used by the trains to carry freight to and from the area as well.

Current Status[]

Abandon vehicles on the bridge.

When the quarantine of the city of Fairfield failed, the refugees headed towards the military outpost at the town of Riverside. The military setted a small outpost up near the bridge to help evacuate the civilians. The roads were barricaded off. The sandbags and spot-lights were setted up and a M35 truck armed with a minigun and howitzer was stationed near the bridge. Once the remaining civilian vehicles entered the bridge, the military closed the main road off with the barricade to stop the Infection and protect the civilians. However, some buses at the other end crashed and blocked the road preventing any of the remaining refugees from escaping causing them to be trapped for the Infected.

The Survivors made their way through the alleys leading them to the military outpost and the barricaded bridge. They noticed the artillery piece lined up in position ready to blow the barricade allowing the group to continue on. Once someone fires the gun, it alerts the horde where the Survivors must defend themselves and wait for the fire to be extinguished where they could proceed safely across the bridge. When crossing the bridge, they navigated their way past the abandoned cars, trucks and buses until they reached another dead end. With nowhere to go, but down the hill into a storage warehouse, they made their way to the safe room to take a break before pressing on.

Landmarks near Whitney County Bridge[]


  • There are two bridges that cross the river, one is used for ground transportation, the other for rail transportation
  • Francis will sometimes read the ad on the building that is leasing out space to the public to which surprises Louis, who asks him sarcastically "when'd you learn to read?"
  • When using the howitzer to blow up the barricade blocking the path of the Survivors, a vehicle prop will go flying and sometimes on rare occasions will incapacitate or kill Survivors as well as any Infected (such as the Horde or even Witch)
    • Francis will also comment, telling Zoey to pretend that The Horde are all helicopter pilots (in reference to the beginning of the chapter where Zoey shot the helicopter pilot causing the survivors to crash)
  • Near completion of crossing the bridge, Francis will make two separate comments on the bridge:
    • Eastern Waterworks near the bridge.

      Upon seeing the Eastern Waterworks building, he will say "Waterworks. That where you pick up your crying supplies Bill? Hahahaha...I am hilarious!"
    • Upon seeing the highway sign indicating the direction to Riverside he will comment thinking that Riverside is in Canada when in fact the group are still in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • The bright light signalling to the Survivors is clearly seen at the bridge which may have been the lights on the rooftop of the Riverside First Church (setting of the next campaign, Death Toll).
  • The parking lot by the Eastern Waterworks instantly kills survivors that jump down to the lot, even though the drop distance is short enough for the survivors to take the fall with no damage or minimal damage.
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