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Whitney County
State Pennsylvania
Campaigns "Crash Course"
"Well, at least we got out of the city. And... into... a different city..."

Whitney County is a county located near the city of Fairfield and the town of Riverside in Left 4 Dead. The DLC "Crash Course", which adds a two-chapter campaign of the same name, originates here.


The area consists mainly of an industrial area filled with delivery and storage companies as well as metal production, assembly line plants and recycling centers. The county comes up along the river which leads into Riverside. There are two key bridges that crossed the river, allowing both trucks and trains to make deliveries to and from Fairfield, Whitney County and Riverside.

Current Status[]

Helicopter crash site

When the infection broke out, CEDA had the refugees of Fairfield pass by and steered them to the military outpost at Riverside. When CEDA failed to keep Fairfield under quarantine and allowed the infection to continue spreading, the military most likely took over and was trying to mobilize equipment and artillery to the nearby county to help the fleeing refugees. However, by the time that they arrived, the infection spread to everyone.

The Survivors started off from the crashed remains of News Chopper 5 and must travel through the nearby alleys to get to a truck depot where the armored truck must be lowered from a vehicle lift to escape and get to the nearby town of Riverside.

Landmarks in Whitney County[]

CEDA's list of evac sites in the county


  • The Survivors will engage in more conversation and comment more on the environment around them to each other (except for Bill, who has no new dialogue).
  • The bright light seen in the distance may have been the lights from the Riverside First Church, indicating the direction for Survivors to head towards.
  • Many military vehicles (as Humvees and troop transports) and equipment are left abandoned at the intersection near the bridge; the Survivors use the Howitzer to blow up the military barricade in order to cross the car-littered bridge.
  • This county has the new delivery vans that can be seen throughout the campaign (another is seen in "The Riverbank" near the park of Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing" campaign).
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