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Waterfront Market
Waterfront Market
State New Orleans, Louisiana
Campaigns The Parish
Real-world Counterpart New Orleans Central Business District
"DANGER. Stay in your group. Do not remove the color-coded wristband and filtration mask provided to you. Use of deadly force has been authorized."
U.S. Military
"We made it REAL damn far, people. I'm proud of you. Now let's just cross that last mile!"

The Waterfront Market is the main setting for the first chapter of The Parish campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.


This small market is located next to the Mississippi River and leads on to Bienville Park. It is home to fishing, food service, and boating businesses targeting tourists and local residents living in nearby apartment buildings. Individual businesses notably include a convenience store, a Jules' Fresh Crawfish seafood restaurant and a café/lounge that seem to create a vibrant city-life as well as night life.

Current StatusEdit

Once New Orleans was hit by the infection, people tried to escape the city by taking boats and sailing away; however, when the Survivors are dropped off by Virgil, some boats have been destroyed or became stuck in a traffic jam of other fleeing boats.

Military sign 16

Military separating carriers and non-carriers as well as infected

By this time, the military had taken over all CEDA operations and placed new sets of instructions and protocols for the public such as people staying in their color-coded group and to have people arm themselves and report strange behavior. The Army also began bombing the area because of the fleeing boats ensuring no carriers or infected escape the area and everyone proceeded through military checkpoints (as seen in The Park).


  • A half-sunken paddle steamer can be seen floating in the water as well as other trapped boats.
  • Waterfront Sunken ships

    The sunken ships

    Military F-18 fighter jets are seen flying above the city making their bomb runs.
  • At this point, the military is seen taking over all evacuation and CEDA protocols.
  • Instead of trying to save everyone, people are reported being separated into color-coded wristband groups to prevent further spread of the infection.
  • The entrance to Bienville Park (the next chapter) can be seen on the waterfront market walkway.
  • When Ellis or Coach walk past the café/bar lounge, there is an advertisement that says Hurricane Beers are only $1. Upon noticing the sign, they will say they could go for a cold one right now, which is also used in Valve's other game, Half-Life, where security guards will say the same thing.
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