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"...I'm Francis, and that's Grampa Bill..."
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Happy Editing!
-- 06abrahb (Talk) 06:48, 25 December 2012

Blood Harvest walkthrough[]

Sorry for the delayed response. You know, personally, I'm not sure how big a problem it would be. I think the best person for you to ask would be Jo the Marten, the admin and creator, who's very friendly, Sera404, or 06abrahb. To reach any of them, type "user:Sera404" or any of their usernames and leave a message for them. Unfortunately, I am only a janitor, not an administrator. Likely, any of those three people would also be the same people to speak with in regards to the hyperlinks. Sorry to hear that, by the way. Wish I could help more! I'm not on as often as I'd like to be anymore.

-Jordan Woolf (talk) 03:14, December 30, 2012 (UTC)