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Email Zikdcsd@gmail.com
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Auto Shotgun
Fav. character Zoey
Fav. infected Smoker
Fav. campaign No Mercy
Fav. chapter The Hospital
Left 4 Dead 2
Other Games
Fav. game Various MMORPGs, I've been into a lot enough to know what I'll see in the next one.

About me[]

My name is Zik, it's obviously a nickname that I've grew into and now it's somewhat my name. I'm a 16 years old male, but mostly mistaken for a female because I try to be nice to everyone. xD

On my free time I play MMORPGs, watch anime (yeah... I'm an anime addict. ._.) and chat with friends on Live Messenger (so-called MSN Messenger), sometimes I even go to Yahoo! Answers for boredom to help people who need to help to find an MMORPG that fits into them, or just answer a common question that I know. My favorite music is usually rock, and metal such as Nightwish, I even like listen to japanese music sometimes when I'm bored.

Obviously, I'm also a gamer. I don't... really call myself a professional gamer. Sure, I played many games in my life, experienced a LOT games and most of time try to learn about the game a lot for no reason, I believe I just love knowing stuff that I care about, and games is one of the things I do because they entertain me.

Other than that, my specialty in the internet is designing and programming, I'm strong with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Maya, but I mostly use Photoshop. I use Photoshop almost everyday to entertain myself just like when I watch TV, or browse the wiki. On my time designing I design signatures, they're kept for themselves or a friend if s/he wants to adopt it, but I usually do it for the experience.

You can find my latest signatures here, through I've stopped uploading them for a while.

As you can see, my English isn't so perfect and I can't compare myself to the common English user, because it wasn't my main language when I was born, and now my main language isn't needed anymore so I focus on English nowadays, as days pass I believe my English improves (Thankfully I'm armed with a spellchecker, thanks Firefox. x3), and I hope one day I'll be able to write wiki pages properly. Yeah, I'm not so good at writing articles here, but I'm an experienced designer and a researcher, so my aims here are to protect vandalism, to make researches about new content if I see it's needed or if I'm asked for, to create templates, to upload high qualitiy screenshots related to Left 4 Dead and to improve everything I see that I believe I can do so.

And so, if you need anything regrading those things, feel free to ask me in my talk page, I'd be happy to help if I'm not stuck inside some addicting game so-called Left 4 Dead.

No seriously, you can ask.

No... seriously. ._.


. . . Just go to Recent changes already! >.< There, I added a link, saved you 2 seconds of scrolling up, now get out please. D:

My Blog[]

I own a blog at this Wikia, you can find it by going top of the page and clicking "Blog". I update it at least once a week, usually with interesting stuff related to the Left 4 Dead series, maybe even stuff you never heard about. ;D

So remember to check it and leave a comment, ...because it's loooonelyyyyy there. :<

Facts about me in Left 4 Dead[]

  • I never let a Survivor other than me die, I will sacrifice myself against the Tank if it's needed at the finale.
  • I believe my crowning shots are pure luck and not skill, because there's always a 10% chance I'll miss.
  • Hunters got nothing against me, they will die in 1 second if I spot them unless I'm out of ammo.
  • I will always complain why you don't stay together in a group properly after dying from Hunters. >.>"
  • You'll be dead if I see you leave a teammate behind.
  • I never got the All 4 Dead achievements, The Tank is my hardest controllable Infected since I don't play it enough to get used to it.
  • I never did a single Survival mode and I think it's boring, because you always lose in the end.
  • I'll kick you out of my room if you don't know basic English because we can't communicate perfectly.