aka Dean

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA
  • I was born on November 26
  • I am Dude

I do my best to restore truthiness on the Wiki.

Generally badass and/or epic eventsEdit

I have several of these, but only think a couple really stand out. One I remember clearly has to be my first time playing through No Mercy on Expert with two friends and a bot, me trying to get the "Zombicidal Maniac" achievement. I had tried Crash Course in the past, but at the generator going out we always ended up dying. Anyway. We were on the finale, and kept dying. We all (excluding the bot, who always went first) ended up camping on one of the corners of the roof (the ones with the searchlights) and lasted till the very end. When the chopper arrived, we all jumped onto the main upper roof, I threw my pipe bomb, and a Hunter jumped one of my teammates, who was on the lower end of the ramp leading to the helipad. I opened up with my M16 to try and shoot it off him, but as soon as I do this my other friend walks in front of me and I accidentally incap him (I was bringing up the rear). The Hunter is still on my first teammate, the second one is down, a Tank just showed up and was about to punch the guy who was pounced, the pipe bomb had exploded, and a Boomer who was in front of me before the helipad just vomited on the downed friend. I started to leg it, and the first guy yelled "RUN! FUCK IT, JUST RUN!" and a second later he gets killed. I melee the Boomer away, jump on the helo, and the credits roll with me as the sole survivor. I was proud.

Another was during the "TAAANNNK!" mutation. I was on The Bridge finale, in The Parish. We lowered the bridge, and the Tanks spawned behind us. We lit them, and brought them down through sheer firepower. However, two people were incapped. Left 4 Dead is the name of the game (quite literally), so they were left 4 dead. The other guy who survived somehow ended up hanging, and I just said "to hell with it, I'm goin' for distance". I end up solo'ing the goddamn bridge, the whole time with four Tanks and a horde on my heels. About halfway through, I pick up a M16 and machete. This saves my ass soon after, as I get swarmed and chop my way out of it. My heart was going about a hundred times a second the whole way through, as well. Just to put the icing on the cake, I end up taking out a would-be hero on the other team close to the end when he tries to mimic my solo run.

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