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Personal Details
Steam Community 108
Xfire inkedskin
Email adam@rezich.com
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Dual pistols
Fav. character Zoey, Francis
Fav. campaign No Mercy
Fav. chapter The Subway
Left 4 Dead 2
Other Games
Fav. game Golden Sun

takua108 is a pretty cool guy, eh contributes to wiki and doesn't afraid of anything.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Aliases[edit | edit source]

  • takua108
  • Unniloct
  • inkedskin

Creative stuff[edit | edit source]

Contributions[edit | edit source]

A little bit of everything, here and there, but mainly:

Other stuff[edit | edit source]

Check out the web-based interactive fiction game I'm working on, http://rezich.com/storybored. I'm going to start a L4D-themed story on there soon enough.

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