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About Me[]

Super Crush.jpg
Personal Details
Xbox Live Gamertag monkeyguts9
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle
Fav. character Bill, Zoey
Fav. infected Smoker, Tank
Fav. campaign Blood Harvest, Crash Course
Fav. chapter The Hospital, The Terminal
Left 4 Dead 2
Fav. weapon M16, AK-47
Fav. melee weapon Katana, Axe
Fav. character Nick, Rochelle
Fav. infected Charger, Jockey
Fav. campaign Dark Carnival, The Passing
Fav. chapter The Fairgrounds, The Port
Other Games
Fav. game Fallout 3, Oblivion, Modern Warfare 2,

I play the Xbox 360. I will happily accept any freind requests on Live, but please know i dont have gold, and wont have it for a few weeks. Just tell me your GT on my talk page. This includes: your wiki name, and your gamertag. otherwise, much like my hero five dog, i might post stories i write, or music from my bro's band. If you have went to the Woodstock Battle of the Bands, and other Crystal Lake, Illinois local Battles of the bands, my brodie's band is The Con men. Otherwise, thanks for any nice comments u leave on my page, and f*** you 4 any mean comments. So, in conclusion, remember these useless facts: Rap music is the lowest form of entertainment unless five dog declares it is good, not all nuclear bombs are named by a freaky-pervert-pedophile (Fat Man, anyone?), and, finally, [Prototype] is the best game in existance. (that fact isn't so useless.) oh, and secondly finally, my favorite letter is the squiggly.--'Iron Tacoz450 ROAR! 05:50, December 6, 2009 (UTC)

Real stuff[]

My name is really Jedadiah Johnson, and I don't care if you know. I live in Manhattan. Again, don't care if you know. My favorite types of games are sandbox style games and RPGs. My favorite games are L4D, [Prototype], Fable 2, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. I like being able to live a life that I couldn't actually do, so for that reason I love Fable, Oblivion, and Fallout. I also like not being sent in a straight, linear path, like most games out there. And finally, I like to be able to do things on my own time, and do other things besides the main story. I don't really like it when people go into great detail about the specifics of guns, or vehicles, or other such things. For that reason, if you have read the Alex Rider series, I don't like it that much. I know what an M16 and Colt are, but I just call them an assault rifle or pistol. I also usually pronounce "rifle" exactly how it is spelled, as if there wasn't an "e". I have always liked zombies, but only if they were victims of an infecteion, not the traditional undead type. For that reason, I love 28 Days Later, although, despite not being victims of an Infection, I love the Dawn of the Dead remake. I saw Zombie Land, and even though I liked it, it was not one of the better zombie movies. Despite loving zombies, I hate Dead Rising. It's supposed to be serious, but you jump around and attack those crappy zombies with teddy bears. Dumb. So, anyway, I am looking forward to L4D2, and enjoy L4D a little too much, even though it is neither a sandbox or RPG style game. So, without further adue, enjoy the wiki!

People of Interest[]

Quotes and Captions[]


  • [ Idle ] *Various growling sounds*
  • '[ Attacking ] "Rah!"
  • RAWR!"
  • [ Death ] "URGHURURRRH."


  • [ Attacking ] "HAHAHAHHAHAHA"
  • [ Death ] "Rofl"

My Projects[]

  • Help Five Dog get rid of any spaces made by the Rich Text Editor.
  • Write Walkthroughs for Left 4 Dead 2 chapters.
  • Capitalise things that need to be.
  • Change any Trivia sections to Notes Section.
  • Have things link to other pages.
  • To someday create a page.
  • Correct any obvious spelling or grammar errors.
  • To add notes and stuff to their appropriate sections.
  • Add quotes to Survivor's quote pages.
  • Keep Nick's, the AK-47's, and Charger's pages up to date.
  • Someday become an administrator.

Funny IRC quotes[]

  • <Legofan94> I think the Tank was an average Jo before the Infection.
  • <SMS> The Hunter was the average Jo before the Infection.
  • <Legofan94>...
  • <Legofan94> LOL!!!!

Developement Stages[]

The Developement Stages are the steps it takes to make a video game.

First, is the "Writing Stage", where they write out the story and characters.

Next, is the "Developement Stage", where they actually make the game.

Third, is the "Editing Stage", where they fine tune things, like making the Combat Rifle a burst-fire auto.

Finally, there is the "Bitch Stage", where the game is all done and ready to go, but the company holds on to it for a few weeks, releasing it at the last second before people take to the streets with pitchforks and torches, burning down buildings and demanding the game.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of tonight's episode. Thank you.

Ah Memories...[]

One of my funniest but most hated memories is: I was trying to get "What are you trying to prove?" It was on Blood Harvest, and i was playing with my buddy. We were on the second the last level, the train station, and me and my buddy and 1 bot were still alive, but hobbling around with less than 20 health each. Suddenley, we got the incoming attack music, so we prepared. But just as we backed into a corner, a boomer puked on the bot and my buddy. My friend, blinded and running away from the zombies, jumped on top of the alarmed car. At that point, we had three hordes attacking us at once. Unknown to us, the bot was on his last life. Usually, a survivor says something like " Okay, i can get you up, but if you go down like this again, you're dead." Well, he was incapped by a smoker shortly before the chaos, and even though we killed the smoker, I revived the bot in the midst of the smoke, so they didn't say anything. Back to the story, the bot got clawed and went down, my friend got incapped and was surrounded by other infected. I was turned away from him, thinking he was still on his feat, not even looking at the health bars, thinking my buddy could handle himself. It wasnt until i got incapped myself, and the overwhelmed message got delayed, and after a couple of seconds screaming to my friend to help me up, did i realize we were totally screwed. (we never did get that achievement, because my power went out directley after the barn after re-spawning.

Another memory is my friend got pulled off the edge of the upper area of the hospital by a smoker. he was suspended in the air, and everyone else thought he was done for. but i had a plan. we let him get incapped, and had one person behind the smoker, and one aiming at the survivor that was down. we killed the smnoker, and instantly started to revive the guy. he was floating in the air, and it was evident that even if we did reivive him, he would fall to his death. but i stopped reviving him as he was almost up, and another person started to revive him. we kept stopping just as the meter was an inch empty. when he was high above the floor, we fully revived him, and he was okay (especially since he had a health kit.)

First off, let me say: Bill is a super-human. I was playing with three bots on advanced on The Sewer, we got out of the resturant, and a Tank decided to spawn and beat the hell out of us. It incapped me, then Zoey, then Francis, and went after Bill. He ran behind a truck, so we couldn't shoot the Tank. Eventually, I heard a roar of pain, and Bill came out, victorious. Later, after the Crescendo, I got pulled out of the window by a Smoker, and incapped me. Francis was in quick pursuit, but was quickly overwhelmed and went down. Zoey succeeded in killing the Smoker, but then was pounced. Then, Bill comes out of nowhere, kills all the common surrounding me and Francis, and then somehow teleports up into the office area and killed the Hunter on Zoey. Then, I got the incoming attack music, and then a Boomer puked on me and Francis. Bill was the only one on their feet, and two hordes where attacking at the same time. Bill was finally able to take them all down, then revives all of us. He then healed me, gave pills to Zoey, found more, and gave those to Francis, even though his own health was below 10. Achievement unlocked! DEAD GIVEAWAY:)

I was playing on The Construction Site on Expert with my friend in Australia. A common ran at us, but went straight through a burning barrel. It stumbled around, and then did a face plant into a wall, and promptly died. I was busy doing other things, but all of a sudden I heard my friend say "This retard zombie... Just ran into a wall." I watched a video he emailed me, and I cracked up.

On the same playthrough, we started the Crescendo event, and made it through the horde. Then, there was another one. Everyone went down, except for my friend. I had my subtitles on, and it said Tank Attack. there was a lot of screaming from Common, and i was saying "Dude! Theres a tank somewhere!" and he responded with "to Hell there is!" and promptly got smacked and killed by the ninja Tank. He then screamed "OH MY GOD" which, with his accent, sounded more like "AY MY GAWD!"

When we tried again, there was a Tank further on. We saw it down the alleyway, and it saw us. I was screaming "STAY AWAY FROM THE DUMPSTERS" and my friend said "I'm not gonna get hit." The tank smacked the dumpster, and my friend crouched and avoided it. Hwas cheering, but then Zoey and Louis went down. The tank smacked another dumpster, but it glitched and flew into the air. I was unloading on the Tank, and all of a sudden, then dumpster came down directly on my head. So, my friend was the only one left, and he said "Screw it." He went and ran, trying to actually finish the level, and I died. In spectator mode, i was watching him. He got into the top floor of the parking garage. There was a Witch in the skybridge, and he had an Auto Shotty. I was like, "NOP! LEAVES IT ALONE!" and he said "I am a master of Cr0wning!" he shot it, the witch got pissed, and clawed him. He flew out the window, and landed in a flaming crater. All I could say was "dumbass" and shake my head.

I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 on The third Chapter of The Parish. I was at the part where you jump down into the cemetary. I was using a Grenade Launcher, and had just deployed Explosive Ammo, getting my final grenade until more ammo packs were found. There was a LARGE crowd of CI right were I would land if I jumped, so I shot there. Right as the grenade left the launcher, a Hunter jumped in front of the launcher, and killed it right in front of me. The explosive grenade was wasted on a Hunter, and I had a baseball bat to deal with the forty CI horde.

You Bored?[]

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My contributions[]

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Nice town I'd live in if it was real. And closer to New York. And not full of zombies.

Prototype wiki[]

Hello. I am the Buearacrat on the Prototype Wiki, and I felt that i should say: Prototype is a cool game. You should play it, or at least check out the site.


I have recently started the Darren Shan wiki. This wiki is about Darren Shan's series the Demonata and Cirque du Freak. If you would like to help out, the web address is Shanedpedia.wikia.com. Please help if you can!

Hard Rain Survival new map[]

I was playing Survival on The Sugar Mill in Hard Rain, and did a widely known glitch to reach the ending safe room. I figured "If I am in here, they can't get me." Well, I got there, my teammates died, and, instead of letting me just sit there and survive, it did something completely unexpected: It ended the level in a manner similar to that of Campaign mode. After loading, the next level started, which is Return to Town, so there was storms starting randomly. We got back to the area where we wouldd've been in the Survival round if we hadn't glitched, and we discovered something funny: We were at the same place, but it was an alternate map! The normal map is daytime, sorta raining, and had small pools of water. This map was nighttimed, raining wildly (Storms would even start randomly like in Campaign) and there were huge pools of water. I have some pictures below to prove it, but they are generally bad quality. I apologize, but made some comparison pictures between the two maps, so you can see the difference fairly easily.

Alternate Survival map

Normal Survival map

Normal Survival map

Normal Survival map

Alternate Survival map

Alternate Survival map

Alternate Survival map

Alternate Survival map

bet i fooled you up there, didn't I?