Spygon a survivor who seems to be able to keep a cool head even in the most choatic infected attacks and acts very

Personal Details
Email phil_2s@hotmail.com
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Auto shotgun
Fav. character Francis
Fav. infected Smoker
Fav. campaign No mercy
Fav. chapter The Subway
Left 4 Dead 2
Other Games
Fav. game Left 4 Dead

resourcefully in his approach to new situations using his surroundings to his advantage.A good addicion to any group where he uses his experience and knowledge of the infected to raise the chances of survival for the group.But contary to his "cool head" nature he favours fighting the infected at real close range and has been often seen quickly chasing down lone infected.His choice of shotguns and moltov cocktails seem to complement this agressive fighting style.Peoples opinon of Spygon seem to range from a hero willing to do everything in his power to save another survivor to a cold blooded b*stard who is more than happy to close a safe room door on a fellow survivor as he is torn apart.From this it seems Spygon plays the odds game when faced with difficult decisions.It is unknown if he originally lived in the area but he is most often spotted stealthy moving around the FairField area.

Hi guys im from salisbury,england and i play left 4 dead mainly on my 360 my gt is SPYGON if anybody wants to jam with me sometime just add me but say your from the l4d wiki or i might ignore you sorry.I think this game is the best zombie game ever maybe even one of the best co-op shooters ever.So your probly see me helping out with the wiki quite alot.If you want to ask me anything or talk to me just write it down and i will reply asap. hope all you guys survive the zombie apocalypse lol

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