Hey my name is Siric.
Personal Details
Email hawaiian_cat_flu@hotmail.com
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Auto shotgun
Fav. character Bill
Fav. infected Boomer
Fav. campaign No mercy
Fav. chapter The Sewer
Left 4 Dead 2
Other Games
Fav. game KotOR

I have been playing video games for several years now. It first started with the Gameboy, then an xbox, and now I play on my 360. I am a decent player. I am very conscience of the other players and I believe that in most situations you should search the area. I play frequently on xbox live, playing after school, for I am in my last year of highschool! My gamer tag is Siric312, as you might have guessed. I first played Left 4 Dead on the demo, I was not that great, but then thought that it was a decent game. A couple of my friends bought it and said it was good, so I bought it to be able to play with friends, online. After playing, the simple seeming game became complex; using tactics as a team to stay together, using the different skills as an infected to kill the survivors. I got hooked.

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