Trying to complete few campaigns in Expert in L4D2.

  • Dead Center
  • Dark Carnival
  • Swamp Fever (I died when the gate exploded. -.- )
  • Hard Rain
  • The Parish

45/50 Achievement.

  • Heartwarmer
  • What are you still trying to prove? 3/5
  • The Real Deal
  • Level a Charge
  • Wing and a Prayer<s>
  • <s>Violence in Silence
  • Strength in Numbers


Closest Versus battle I ever played. D:

The chapter was The Parish. My team was in the lead with 25 points in Waterfront for doing more infected damage. In the second map, The Park, both teams made it to the safe room with all survivors, but they did more damage, and got 25 points, bringing the score to a tie. In The Cemetery, my team made it to the cars, but we died. Once it was the other teams turn, they died at the cars also, but we lead with just 4 points! In The Quarter, we got killed so early, just before jumping off the first building! We thought we lost for sure, but when it was their turn, we did the exact same thing and killed them before jumping down! They led with 7 points unfortunately. At The Bridge, we were able to stop them with the tank, but one ran ahead. He was soon smoked and down. Once it was our turn, we did the same thing, and made it to the tank. I took my adrenaline and ran ahead, but a jockey got me off the bridge. Nick tried to save me, but tank punched him off the bridge. Only Coach was left, the tank punched coach a couple of times, but the tank punched coach foward! He was soon incapacitated, but we won with just 32 points! :D

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