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  • My occupation is College Student
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Hey my name is Hunter and I am a big fan of the Left 4 Dead Series and try to keep everything on this Wiki up to date. I also love Zombie related Movies and shows such as the movie "Dawn of the Dead" and the show "The Walking Dead". I'm also a staff member on The Walking Dead Wiki so you should go check that out too! I play Left 4 Dead all the time so if you want add me on Xbox: ProfoundEnding or send me a message anytime. Happy editing!

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Favorite Things in the Left 4 Dead SeriesEdit

  • Favorite Special Infected: Spitter
Spitter nav This user likes Spitters.
Witch nav This user likes Witches.
Rochelleclose This user likes Rochelle.
Zoeyclose This user likes Zoey.
Boomer nav This user likes Boomers.
Torch-Bearer This user likes The Passing.
Weatherman This user likes Hard Rain.
L4d death toll This user likes Death Toll.
L4D2 pills transp This user is grabbin' pills.
Safe room door This user believes it's better to be safe than sorry.
L4d noone left behind This user is a Survivor.
Midnight rider This user likes Dark Carnival.

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