Hello.welcome on my page.if you want to give me a message just do it and please be polite.I won`t waste time on reading rude messages.why?I have better things to see:I`ve got a life.In other words:I`ve got a life.

I-am a learning pyrotechnician

 -love explosives

 -am good at making lame/unoriginal jokes

 -am a taker so don't expect to much besides all my organs donated whenever I die.

 -love mapping

 -love food

 -am named after jesus(no my name isn't Jesus but my name is Joshua which means virtually the same as the name Jesus does.

 -don't believe in a God but I do believe in a paradise after death

 -am Legend(get the joke?)

 -dominate(get this one too? If you don't get it it's a line in the song "Ghosts of War")

 -love videogames

 -hate spammers

 -hate Rick Astley(his music but idk abou the guy himself)

 -hate mondays

 -hate school(who doesn't)

 -hate rap music(I don't care if you love it I just don't like it and other people can listen without my vengeance so I'm not the ÿou genre sux. mine is superiour"type of guy).

 -think there's no democracy anymore.

 -have faith. In myself.

 -think all racists should die right now

 -support gay marriage and think all people against it are nothing better then racists and should die along with them.

 -am hungry. always.

 -love scrubs

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