When I first saw the game I thought not my type of game but now it is!!!!

Left 4 dead 2 will be sick!!!!!


The Messiah

Gamertag: Kpenguin808

I play Xbox 360

Who is to stop madness? Though thousands want end, millions want begining. One war can not end all wars. History can not tell what god made. He who can understand the ways of god can know the truth. God is searching for him. God is watching him. God is preparing him, for the worst hell can bring to him. He who is chosen by god. He must know what sacrifices he must make to stop madness. Death can strangle him, but yet the power of he is mighty. His stories are written by angels. His father is he. Though you must know the secret. That he can not do it himself. He needs a savior at the time of need. When all life is lost. To stop madness you must find the creator of it. He is the only to seek for it. He is the savior. He is to bring the waters of life to peace. Bring all who stands in his way to order. He is to make sacrifices for others. He is The Messiah.

Thoughts on the game Edit

This will show what I think of the survivors and zombies in both games. Please tell me your opinion.

Left 4 Dead Edit


Francis: Big bike dude who hates shit. But what I really hate is in mutiplayer everyone fights to be the white guy. I dont care who I am he's my favorite. Funny when he screams like a girl when he's on fire! If he was a zombie:Tank

Bill: OLd Vietnam purple heart veteran. Tough attitude. He's sick as HELL. NO. BETTER THAN HELL!!! If he was a zombie: Smoker, he smokes so it's obvious and whats ironic is that in the begining cenimatic of the game a Smoker grabs him (lol)

Louis: Afican business man but is a discrace to Black People. When I heard a black guy in this game i thought BIG GANGSTA WHOS BIG TOUGH AND NOT TO BE MESSED WITH what Louis is a white guy whos black. Coach in L4D2 is a true black man! What makes him famous is his Famous word SHIT! In the Cenimatic he SAYS SHIT THERE COMING SHIT (so does Francis but mostly Louis) And when a Hunter gets him, his famous line......"SHIT...SHIT GET IT OF ME...SHIT!" I love it! If he was a zombie: Witch lol no it be a Hunter.

Zoey: Hot college girl in love with zombie movies. Awesome girl with her special duel pistol weaponry. She sometimes will "BEEF" in the Elavator in No Mercy. (If you heard the line Francis says about someone "BEEFING" during No Mercy great, play more of No Mercy and see if you hear it) If she was a zombie: Witch


Boomer: Fat guy who pukes on people. Puke attracts horde of infected. If i was infected I think i wouldn't love the smell of vomit. The Boomer was obviously a fat guy before the infection, He sat on the couch eating due to the fact he has pajamas on and socks. How it got the puke part I have no idea. Maybe thats how Boomers diet. Puke out the food.

Hunter: Pretty much a zombie that has a hunchback and loves to scream and jump on people ripping them like a piece of meat. For those who are curious about if the Hunter has eyes, it does. Proof? On Verseus i died as a Hunter and say a sparkle of its eyes the color is not orange like normal but RED. This is a unusual thing for the Hunter. I had a dream about seeing its eyes it was most scariest thing I dreamed of BIG RED EYESI had nightmares for a week. The Hunter was problaly a football player or gang member that took steroids due to the hood that makes him cool. Problaly why it jumps. If he gets to close beat him with your gun so he can't jump at you he will slash back. He's like a mut pretty much.

Smoker: A super tall infected with a messed up face and arms. Mine as well say the whole body is messed up. Long tongue that drags you to HELL. When it dies it blows up in to cloud of gas (reason called "Smoker"). If you get a chance to hit his tongue of a survivor he will run away like a pansy. He will sometimes come back if you don't run for him. Chasing him and shooting would make him run and not come back, or dead if you shoot me up. You get a chance to shoot him while he drags you only 5 seconds pretty much. Be careful running around rooftops and cliffs he dragged me off a building busting my head, Oh for you idoits out there, YES it would kill you. Obvious he was a guy that smoked before the infection.

Tank: Well it's a infected that huge and will crush you with its fist, Or throw shit at you. Always throw a Moltov at it. Kills it slowly but with everyone shooting at it, the Tank won't survive. Some times when its on something thats not stone it still throws stone. On the truck in Dead Air finale he still threw stone. Weird but i ignore it. Its pretty much a guy who took steroids or was muscular. His chin is gone or is under the muscule, (so says the I so smart Stigma)

Witch: A crying infected that did not clip her finger nails for a while. She may be a crying bitch but she is a Deadly bitch. With huge claws she can kill you with one hit (on Expert). Shooting her in the head kills her atomatically. Its obvious that she was a crying emo before the infection happened.

Left 4 Dead info about me Edit

Favorite Character: Francis and Ellis

Weapon: Combat Rifle (FN-SCAR)

Campaign: Death Toll and Dark Carnival

Favorite Infected: Witch (cant be her but that music is awesome and shes so damn sexy!!!!)

Left 4 Dead Fun. Edit


Don't mess with the Witch man.


Eminem said this while he was.....high.

Left 4 Dead Story

Phil: Come on Andy lets get to the chopper.

Andy: Wait up Phil! You hear that?

Phil: What?

Andy: Thats a Witch.

Phil: Can't we just go around it?

Andy: Maybe, lets give it a shot.

Andy and Phil go around the Witch quietly and slowly.


Phil: Oh shit shes going to get us!

Andy: Oh God NO!

While Andy and Phil Whimper and cry before there death a Boomer comes running along and slips on a bannana. As the Boomer was falling it also crushed the Witch with great force!

Phil: Oh thank God were saved!

Andy: Woah that was close thanks Boomer!

Boomer: Ugh.....Uh.....Rarga....RABLAGALOGA! (Boomer vomits on Phil and Andy).

The sound of a huge horde of Infected is heard in the distance.




Chub, The Witch killing Boomer.

This is the continuous story from above.

Andy: Dang were still alive after that horde.

Phil: Whew, Not a single scratch on me.

Andy: Oh really? Whats that cut on your face from?

Phil: I think I scratched myself to hard.

Andy: Of course you do.

Phil: Ana ways a leas we still awive.

Andy: Why the fuck are you talking like that?

Phil: I do no (cough) I think I'm choking on something.

As Phil coughs trying to cough out whatever is in his throat a long tong comes out.

Andy: What the hell?! Whats with your tongue?!?!

Phil: I don't know! Dang it cut it off!

Andy cuts off the tongue but yet it still grows back while the one that was cutten off fades away.

Andy: It grew back! This doesn't make since at all when I play versus on Left 4 Dead when the smokers tongue grows back randomly!

Phil: Oh God!

Andy:(Whimpers and crys) Oh God man I'm sorry man I'm so so sorry!

Phil: (cough) Iwa GoD MAN!!! DOnT!!! IM FINE IM FUCKING FINE!! RAWG RAWH RA RAWGH!!!!!!!

As Andy hands tremble as he takes out his pistol.

Andy: Oh God man god damn it!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!

A shot is heard in the distance. After that, silence.

Andy: Oh God.....It's over

But all of a sudden, Andy hears gasping and coughing.



Tis be the End.....for now.


Phil, the Smoker.


Have you been busy destroying the rest of humanity?

Smelling weird after "Lunch"?



"Whew! I need Infected Axe Spray!"

This here is a story of the wendy's girl eating a frosty.

Wendy:mmmmmmmmmm Frosty!

Man:Give me that frosty its mine now! Ha ha ha!

Wendy:Give it back!


Don't take Wendy's Frosty.

Man:No and if you keep whining i'm going to moleste you!


Man:Oh shit.

Francis: Hear that? Thats......the sound of guts being thorn apart.

Da End!

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