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"Let's see, I'm Francis, that's Grandpa Bill, and there's zombies out here! Open the goddamn door!"
Testing.png "I don't want to bore you with a lot of the complex fractions."
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Hi, I'm Jo. I'm still here, so don't think I ran off an abandoned this place. The Left 4 Dead series has been pretty quiet lately, though. So there's no need to be around 24/7. I still poke my head in from time to time to check up on the place though. You know, get rid of stupid vandals and whatnot.

Some of you that only just met me may be thinking, "Jo! You seem so rude on the Recent changes! Why are you such a bitch!? D:" This reason is pretty straightforward and simple: I care. "What?" Basically, if you don't follow the rules, I won't be very nice to you. So you might see me telling advertising bots to fuck off or something, but I just don't want them screwing up this wiki. I guess I also just try to make it known how I feel. But I'm not mean, just tend to be blunt.

Some of you that have been here a while might thing, "Jo! Where have you been!? Where is the almighty Five Dog and Stigma!?" Five Dog is sorta like me and pops in from time to time, but is very busy with life. Stigma simply moved on. She got interested in other things and that was that. As for me, I've been hanging out at Bulbapedia (I don't feel like linking. There's one in the usertags below, go there instead) because I love Pokemon. I've been active there for nearly two years now (not counting the other three years where I just lurked). I now work as Head of Games there, along side my boifriendo who is the current Editor in Chief. Oh yeah, and school. School has been going on too. And job hunting, and LIFE. Boring stuff most of you miss out on by sitting at your computer screens (I'm guilty of it too, don't be insulted). But I'm still around, still doin' stuff. Please check out Bulbapedia if you ever get a chance. It's become THE MOST VIEWED Pokemon fansite on the internet, so that is pretty cool. Plus it doesn't hurt to support your favorite L4D administrator. <3

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