Personal Details
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle
Fav. character Zoey, Francis
Fav. infected Witch, Hunter
Fav. campaign No Mercy, Crash Course
Fav. chapter Rooftop Finale, Runway Finale
Left 4 Dead 2
Fav. weapon Combat Shotgun, AK-47
Fav. melee weapon Machete, Katana
Fav. character Nick, Ellis
Fav. infected Witch, Hunter
Fav. campaign Dark Carnival, The Passing
Fav. chapter The Bridge (Left 4 Dead 2), The Concert
Other Games
Fav. game Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow of the Colossus, Quake

Who am I?[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Gabriel. I freakin LOVE Left 4 Dead, I love it so much that i play it on my computer even if I have some much lag that It isn't fun anymore. I've playing Left 4 Dead for the last 6 months, and it's awesome. It has pretty much everything(zombies, dead, biker dudes, Hunting Rifles, puke). So yeah I like Left 4 Dead. I played Left 4 Dead 2 before the first one so it was very diferent since i was used to use other weapons(melee). But now I just can't decide wich one I like the most. I'm not a regular contributor but I enter here every day(almost). So I spend lots of time here.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Left 4 Dead 2[edit | edit source]


User Boxes[edit | edit source]

L4d do not disturb.jpg This user is an Infected.
L4d achievement incapacitate 3 in 5 sec.png This user has been torturing Survivors for 14 years.
Still something to prove.jpg This user's birthday is on December, 7th.
Hunter nav.png This user classifies as male.
Violence in silence.jpg This user is literate in English.
Violence in silence.jpg This user is literate in Spanish.
L4d legendary survivor.jpg This user resides in Argentina.
Dead in the water.jpg This user is always tired.
Guardin gnome.jpg This user protects Gnomes.
Francisclose.png This user likes Francis.
Zoeyclose.png This user likes Zoey.
Safe room door.png This user believes it's better to be safe than sorry.
Coachclose.png This user likes Coach.
Nickclose.png This user likes Nick.
Ellisclose.png This user likes Ellis.
Hunter nav.png This user likes Hunters.
Tank nav.png This user likes Tanks.
Witch nav.png This user likes Witches.
L4d no mercy.jpg This user likes No Mercy.
L4d achievement survive garage.png This user likes Crash Course.
L4d death toll.jpg This user likes Death Toll.
Torch-Bearer.gif This user likes The Passing.
Midnight rider.jpg This user likes Dark Carnival.
Supreme sacrifice.png This user likes The Sacrifice.
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