Me and Left 4 Dead[edit | edit source]

I've had Left 4 Dead ever since it came out, and I absolutly love it. I've also had Left 4 Dead 2 since Christmas, and it is the definition of awesome. I'm planning to achievment-whore the both of them when I get a day to.

Random facts (if you wanna know):

Favorite Survivor from Left 4 Dead: All of 'em!!

Favorite Survivor from Left 4 Dead 2: Ellis

Least Favorite Survivor from Left 4 Dead 2: Nick

Favorite Infected from Left 4 Dead: Boomer :)

Least Favorite: Smoker

Favorite NEW from Left 4 Dead 2: Spitter or Jockey

Favorite Weapon: The silenced machine gun (I don't know the name :P)

Least Favorite Weapon: Hunting Rifle

Favorite Melee Weapon: The Axe or Chainsaw

Least Favorite Melee Weapon: Frying Pan

Favorite Gameplay mode: Versus all the way ;)

Least Favorite Gameplay Mode: Scavanger

Cr0wnd[edit | edit source]

I am a proud holder of the Cr0wnd acheivment along with many others. I got cr0wnd in the graveyard by The Church, where I rapidly shot with my Auto shotgun at The Witch. I didn't hit her in the head, more like the stomach, but at that moment I was 30 gamerscore richer...

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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