My Message to You[edit | edit source] "Hello. I'm Cafinator." "I've been watching over this Wiki for some time now." "Editing articles, spreading my knowledge." "I have vast experience with Wikia." "I am happy for you to know me." "And I'm glad to further edit this Wiki." "I shall watch over it with unlimited care and effort." "Sincerely, Cafinator."

STUFF YOU SHOULDN'T CARE ABOUT[edit | edit source]

  • I love using pistols.
  • Except for when I use two pistols. Then I love to use pistols twice.
  • I carry the SMG or assault rifle.
  • I prefer pipe bombs.
  • Controversially, Me > You
  • I know you are reading this.
  • My computer has been accused to have been stolen from NASA.
  • My computer's artificial intelligence denied such.
  • I play as Medic on Team Fortress 2.
  • Kritzkreig > Medigun
  • I can be found on Steam as Theta Zero.
  • I shall give anyone who identifies my photo an imaginary briefcase of money.
  • The below statement is true.
  • The above statement is false.
  • > > <
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