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About me[edit | edit source]

Zoey's awesomeness continues!

Love playing Valve games such as Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2... and come on at least CEDA tried to contain the infection. I also just got into Starcraft 2 if anyone is interested...

I am a university student trying to major in psychology and minor in human resources management...

As you can see, i am the master of editing the CEDA page here on l4d wiki. :P I also help with mentioning, naming, and nominating featured custom campaigns on the wiki as well as try and keep it up to date as best as I can.

Best Group EVER!!

And by the way, if you combine Left 4 Dead with Half Life 2, what do you get?? THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED BY VALVE!!!! =D

Left 4 Dead plus Half Life 2 = BEST GAME EVER!!

Good Peeps on the Left 4 Dead Wiki[edit | edit source]

Jo The Marten Avatar.png This user is friends with Jo The Marten
260y7tj.jpg This user is friends with DeathBlade182
L4d in coh.jpg This user is friends with Sera404
Zoeyz.jpg This user is friends with Zoey95
Avatar.jpg This user is friends with Jordan Woolf

Favourites in Left 4 Dead Series[edit | edit source]

My favourite pages[edit | edit source]

Randomness!![edit | edit source]

Nova SC2 Head.jpg This user likes Nova from Starcraft 2.

Killbill.png This user feels sad to see Bill gone...

Zoeyz.jpg This user likes to protect Zoey.

Steam.png This user plays Left 4 Dead on Steam.

Still something to prove.jpg This user's birthday is on July 14.
Violence in silence.jpg This user is literate in English.
Violence in silence.jpg This user is literate in French.
L4d legendary survivor.jpg This user resides in Canada.
Billclose.png This user likes Bill.
Francisclose.png This user likes Francis.
Louisclose.png This user likes Louis.
Zoeyclose.png This user likes Zoey.
Boomer nav.png This user likes Boomers.
Hunter nav.png This user likes Hunters.
Smoker nav.png This user likes Smokers.
Tank nav.png This user likes Tanks.
Witch nav.png This user likes Witches.
L4d no mercy.jpg This user likes No Mercy.
L4d achievement survive garage.png This user likes Crash Course.
L4d death toll.jpg This user likes Death Toll.
L4d dead air.jpg This user likes Dead Air.
L4d blood harvest.jpg This user likes Blood Harvest.
Coachclose.png This user likes Coach.
Ellisclose.png This user likes Ellis.
Nickclose.png This user likes Nick.
Spitter nav.png This user likes Spitters.
Price chopper.jpg This user likes Dead Center.
Torch-Bearer.gif This user likes The Passing.
Midnight rider.jpg This user likes Dark Carnival.
Weatherman.jpg This user likes Hard Rain.
Bridge burner.jpg This user likes The Parish.
L4D2 pills transp.png This user is grabbin' pills.
Safe room door.png This user believes it's better to be safe than sorry.
L4d noone left behind.jpg This user is a Survivor.
Zoeyclose.png This user likes Zoey.
Zoeyz.jpg This user STILL likes Zoey!

Midnight rider.jpg This user likes and enjoys listening to the Midnight Riders.
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