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Tunnel of Love 01.jpg
Tunnel of Love
State Whispering Oaks Amusement Park, Griffin County, Georgia
Campaigns Dark Carnival
Real-world Counterpart Tunnel of Love

Hey, no smoochin y'all.Coach

Why couldn't I be in Vegas when the infection hit? or even Atlantic City... Instead I'm trapped in some god damn hillbilly tunnel of love! Did you see the sign outside? Cousins-only day!Nick

The Tunnel of Love is a ride at Whispering Oaks Amusement Park which plays a major role in the third chapter of the Dark Carnival campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. The entrance to the ride is the safe room at the end of the second chapter.


Part of Whispering Oaks Amusement Park, this ride is typically meant for the romantic couples. The customers are taken by the swan boats through the narrow and barely light passages featuring alcoves containing suitably themed dioramas. An age-old fairground attraction, the Tunnel of Love is intended to create a relaxing, socially acceptable and private environment which the couples can cuddle, kiss and make out. Although not featured in the game, such attractions invariably played the appropriate music on a loop track.

Current Status

At or just before the time that the Infection hit and Whispering Oaks Amusement Park was commandeered as a CEDA evacuation center, the ride apparently malfunctioned and was hurriedly shut down for maintenance and repair that was never completed.

The Survivors entered the Tunnel of Love and used the entrance area as a safe room. Thereafter in Chapter Three, they fought their way along the tunnel (its lights are still working), entered its maintenance room, dropped down into a lower level of the tunnel and finally exited to face the challenges posed by Whispering Oaks Amusement Park's most significant ride, The Screaming Oak.


  • The Tunnel of Love is featured in two chapters (Numbers two and three) in Dark Carnival.
  • Nick may comment that this is the longest Tunnel of Love that he has ever experienced. Coach will also remark that he doesn't remember the Tunnel of Love being so long.
  • The pumps seen in the maintenance areas are similar to the pumps seen in The Drains in the Death Toll campaign.
  • The supplies will be found in the alcoves on either side of the tunnel, in side rooms and in spaces associated with the maintenance room.
  • The Survivors may occasionally add "of love" to supplies or areas that they found in the Tunnel of Love. Some examples are "Into the swan maintenance room of love!"; "Grabbing the shotgun of love!"; "Grabbing the ninja sword of love!"; "Incendiary ammo of love here!"; "Down the blasted hole of love!"
  • The Tunnel of Love safe room is one of the only safe rooms with no graffiti on the walls. This indicates that either no one else reached this safe room or no one had the time to write graffiti.
    • Or no one who entered cared or had necessary equipment.
  • The Tunnel of Love safe room is long enough to summon the Hordes that are sent by the Director to keep the Survivors moving along with the Special Infected.
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