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The Vannah Hotel
State Savannah, Georgia
Campaigns Dead Center
"HEYYY! COME BACK! COME-Ahh, he ain't comin' back."
"Shit! This place's burning up fast!"

The Vannah is the setting for the first and beginning of the second chapters of the Dead Center campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.


It is an eight-story (26.4 m) hotel in Savannah, Georgia where the guests and tourists were able to spend the night in the city and was also used as a convention center where the guests could use the banquet halls for special occasions.

When the Infection broke out, CEDA converted the once-luxurious hotel into an evacuation center where the residents and guests of Savannah took refuge and waited to be evacuated by CEDA.

Current Status[]

It is unknown how the fire first started at the hotel, but it is assumed that the fire eventually consumed the whole building and it most likely burned down to the ground. When it was a CEDA evac site, CEDA had equipment used to evaluate civilians and diagnose the Green Flu virus. The CEDA decontamination trailers can be seen outside, a patient-tracking system was used to monitor civilians and a "command center" was set up in the upper floor suites.

The media and news were asked to follow up on the outbreak in Savannah and follow up on CEDA's statements and findings on the Green Flu virus. However, the Infection finally spread to the nearby area, but luckily, CEDA finished the evacuation (Except for the four remaining Survivors ) and this site was now closed.

Since the pandemic likely killed all of the firefighters, it can be safely assumed that the hotel was destroyed by flames after the Survivors left.



  • The Survivors of Left 4 Dead 2 met on the roof of the hotel.
    • Ellis and Coach were residents of Savannah and most likely headed to the hotel as instructed by CEDA to wait to be evacuated and there, they met Rochelle and Nick.
    • Rochelle was part of the news crew that was covering this evac site.
    • The departure of the helicopters could have been inspired by Dawn of the Dead (2004) which the Survivors of the film tried to signal a military helicopter, but were ignored just like the L4D2 survivors.
  • The building may have been set on fire to slow the Infection from spreading, giving enough time to evacuate the civilians, though it is unknown how the fire started or who started it.
  • None of the actual fire alarms are heard going off in The Vannah. However, remote strobes (fire alarms with no horn, only a strobe) can be seen flashing throughout the building.
    • This may have been done due to the loud noises of horn-strobes sounding being both annoying and distracting to the players.
    • In addition while the hotel has remote strobes and smoke detectors clearly visible, the building appears to have no pull stations or even a main fire alarm panel, both critical components of a fire alarm system.
  • Despite the building being on fire, the Survivors still used a functioning elevator to get down to the ground floor even though elevators are not supposed to be used during building fires. In addition, elevators are usually automatically "recalled" to the ground floor and shut down should the building's fire alarm system detect smoke near an elevator.
    • The Survivors may comment on this sometimes.
  • "The Vannah" is a pun on the area name, Savannah.
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