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The Sacrifice
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Part 2 was released on September 21.


The story takes place two days after the Survivors called for a rescue at the end of Blood Harvest. While Lieutenant Mora is talking to Sergeant Dowey about the safety of the base and lack of word from Command or other Survivors, they are interrupted by a radio call. Lt. Mora tells the person at the radio to take the call and they will send transport. While Sgt. Dowey is concerned, Lt. Mora says that he will personally go in order to see what they are up against.

In the present, Louis and Francis are in a sterile cell, guarded by two soldiers. While Francis unsuccessfully tries to provoke the shorter female soldier into opening the cell to allow him to overpower them and escape, Louis is called over by the other soldier named Jeff who asks if the "Whisky Delta" or "Walking Dead" have been mutating. Louis explains about the Special Infected to their surprise (Namely the Boomer, the Hunter, the Tank and a joke made by Francis about the vampire which Louis shuts down) as they have been unaware about the events outside Millhaven. Jeff proceeds to ask about a Smoker which Louis starts to explain.

The story pans out to a report about the Special Infected. Lt. Mora who performed the Echo run states how the base is no longer secure against the Infected, stating that Outpost Echo is prepared for assaults like this, but they, Millhaven Outpost are not. However, the commanding officer, Major Everly refuses to believe that the Special Infected even exist or there is a difference between Carriers and Survivors for that matter and orders the Lieutenant not to interfere with his job again and follow the chain of command. Lt. Mora and another soldier left the office and discussed how Command failed to contact them for several days. Lt. Mora tells the soldier to call Pena, Brooks and Davis to his office at a certain time and grimly states that he will not sacrifice his platoon for anyone, not for Everly and not for Carriers.

The scene cuts to Bill and Zoey who are in the medical quarters for testing. Zoey is told to provide a saliva sample which she continually refuses. Rivera, the soldier who is monitoring the scene forces Zoey to provide the saliva sample at gunpoint. The doctor requests to examine one of the injuries that Zoey sustained. Zoey refuses again until Rivera forcefully tries to get Zoey to show the doctor her wound by holding her arm up. Bill orders him to release her which Rivera states that he isn't going to be the hero, causing Bill to state that he is distracting him. Zoey proceeds to disarm the soldier and hits him with his own gun. Rivera's gas mask falls off in the incident which he immediately panics and begs Zoey to stay away from him due to his fear of being infected. Another soldier arrives on the scene who the doctor asks to carry his comrade out. It was revealed that the group have been diagnosed as Carriers. While the doctor explains that they transmitted it during their journey throughout Philadelphia, he states that the Green Flu is unlike anything that they've seen, despite trying to find a cure. He states that it is sometimes airborne, but other times not, proving where the "airborne" theory originated from. He assumes that Bill and Zoey are father and daughter, saying that the Carrier gene runs on the father's side. However, Zoey tearfully informs him that Bill is not her father as a flashback ensues.

Zoey is shown in her home with her divorced (Or separated) parents, two days after the first infection. Carolyn, Zoey's mother complains to Wade, Zoey's father that after just one semester with him, she wants to drop out of school. Zoey states that she had a scholarship, making any expenses moot, but her mother reminds her that she sent Zoey to Aldrich to learn how to make films rather than watch them. Zoey attempts to claim that it is research, leading back to the Infection, but Carolyn doesn't appear to buy this, believing it to be a flu epidemic. Wade suggests that she can join the force like him, stating that she can hold her own on the gun range and in a fight which Carolyn rejects, believing that Zoey isn't going to be attacked by "cokeheads". It is there that a Common Infected walks in on the scene and after ignoring Wade's warnings at gunpoint bites into Carolyn's shoulder and the lower part of her face, provoking Wade to fire, killing the Common Infected. Wade quickly orders Zoey to call for an ambulance which fails due to the line being busy. Carolyn quickly succumbs to the Infection and scratches Wade, throwing him off-balance before she bites and attacks him. Zoey tries to talk sense back into her mother, but with no luck. As she prepares to attack Zoey, Wade fires and kills Carolyn. A grief-stricken and injured Wade reminds Zoey of all of the movies that he snuck into her as a kid which Zoey acknowledges, remembering how mad that Carolyn got when she found out. He asks her to remember when they all included a part where the protagonists had to shoot the one guy before he turned. Zoey quickly catches on and after her father whispers his love to Zoey and she responds in return, shoots him. After shooting her father, she breaks down crying.

Back at the outpost, Zoey is in Bill's arms, having relived the horrific moment and in tears, having realized that her father may have been a Carrier and immune to the effects of the Infection, making her mercy-killing pointless. The doctor tells them that they are not dead because of him and he is not dead because they believed that he can find a cure. The doctor mournfully states that when they find out that he could not, he and all the Carriers will be killed and asks that they should all help each other escape. A klaxon wails out and the two Survivors angrily told him that the alarm may have attracted every single Infected in a hundred-mile radius. Zoey says that they have to move quickly and find some guns too. Meanwhile, in Major Everly's office, Lt. Mora and the other two Soldiers (Presumably from the Lieutenant's Platoon) stormed in, saying that he is relieved of command and they are evacuating everyone.

Louis and Francis meanwhile are still in the cell. Louis and Francis appeared to have been given the news that they are Carriers which Louis mournfully remarks that Francis may be the only person that he can be with without killing them. Then, the alarm is sounded. Louis and Francis quickly jumped to the door where their two guards still are and told them to let them out. When asked what they are on about, the two Survivors revealed that the Infected are attracted to noise. No sooner that this was said before a mortally wounded soldier with slash injuries crawls in their direction, telling them to run before he dies, but not before the alarm is silenced. Louis and Francis's pleads to be released intensified leading Jeff to ask Annie, the shorter female soldier what she thinks. She responds saying that Lt. Mora would kill them if he found out that they released the Carriers. Their conversation is interrupted by a wandering Witch approaching. Jeff raises his gun, but Louis tells them to hold their fire and let the Witch walk past them (With Jeff commenting on how stupid that this is before being told to be quiet by Louis). After the Witch passes, smearing blood on the wall along the way, the two soldiers released Louis and Francis despite being Carriers as they had superior knowledge of the Infected and guided them to the armory for guns. On the way, they are attacked by a soldier-turned Boomer who Jeff quickly raises his gun to and begins to fire, but Louis pushes him, knocking his aim off-balance. Francis uses his physical strength to manhandle the Boomer down a row of stairs, causing the Boomer to explode. After being asked by Jeff if there was anything that they can shoot at, Louis asks for his handgun and states that he would call the shots which Jeff agrees to. Francis who retrieved a handgun from the Boomer's corpse stated that he got sprayed by Boomer bile, but not badly before the group was attacked by a horde of Infected, concluding the second part of the Comic.


  • Zoey's gun skills are confirmed to having learned from her father who was a police officer.
  • In Page 50, in the second panel, the short soldier's (Annie's) speech bubble has "guessing" misspelled as "guesing".
  • Louis doesn't seem surprised at the Witch's wandering behavior, despite this behavior not appearing in the Left 4 Dead campaign, suggesting that the Survivors encountered the wandering Witches before, outside the parts of their journey depicted in-game.
  • The cover art depicts Zoey with her hair tied up and wearing her red jacket as she shoots a Common Infected. This may be intended to depict the scene which Zoey shot her father before he turns. However, in the comic's portrayal of this scene, her hair is let down and she is not wearing her jacket.
  • Francis seems to care for Louis as when Louis admits that they may be in a lot of trouble. Francis quickly tries to form a plan to get them out. This suggests that despite poking fun at his optimism, he may still like it when Louis is optimistic.
  • According to Lt. Mora, even after the Military took charge, CEDA continued to lecture them on how to treat their "prisoners".
  • Louis seemingly exaggerates when describing the Tank to Jeff and Annie. A thirty-foot tall Tank has never been shown to exist in any Left 4 Dead media.
  • Several events occurred in this chapter which did not constrict themselves to the rules of Left 4 Dead gameplay:
    • Francis pushes the Boomer down the stairs, causing it to explode. In-game, no characters will lose their footing on staircases for any reason and Boomers will only explode from falling through the air from a significant height (In non-Versus-based modes only).
    • When the Boomer explodes, a bile explosion occurs and a horde is summoned to the immediate area. In-game, this will only occur if a Survivor is in the proximity of the exploding Boomer to become covered in it's bile. Otherwise, the Boomer will simply explode in a harmless shower of blood.
    • The Witch is wandering around despite the scene taking place at night. Her previous victim is seen still alive for a moment and she seems docile as she passes the prison cell. In-game, the Witches only wander during the day (With daytime campaigns appearing exclusively in Left 4 Dead 2), they continuously attack their victims until they are dead and after killing, they run away in a crazed panic.
    • When Louis tells the soldiers about the Hunters, the background picture of it shows the infected eyes under the hood. In-game, the Hunter's eyes have been clawed out and they only had empty eye sockets.
    • The Boomer's bulges on it's face are covering the left side of it's face when Louis is explaining the Special Infected to Jeff and Annie. In-game, the male Boomer is only ever depicted with bulges on the right side of it's face.

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