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Peach Pit.jpg
The Peach Pit Stadium
State Whispering Oaks Amusement Park, Griffin County, Georgia
Campaigns Dark Carnival
"Let's find a way into the stadium!"
"Alright, you guys ready to rock?"

The Peach Pit stadium is the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park's very own stadium and the finale setting of The Concert chapter of the Dark Carnival campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.


Due to Whispering Oaks Amusement Park having several guest entertainers and live performers at the park to entertain all of its families, guests and riders, it only seemed fit that the park built its own stadium that can house and accommodate everyone's needs. The stadium is built deep within Whispering Oaks near the petting zoo/barns area to help cope with large line-ups for the guests who wanted to see a show (Such as The Midnight Riders). Currently, the pyrotechnic rock band, The Midnight Riders was scheduled to play at the park on October 8, 2009 where they began setting their gear and audio equipment up for the concert.

Current Status[]

With Savannah overrun, CEDA used Whispering Oaks Amusement Park to set the next evacuation center up. They chose The Peach Pit stadium for the evacuation area for two reasons: It is deep within the park, allowing more time before the Infected reach the evacuation center and it was built to hold the large crowds which was a capacity that was probably put to the test by the evacuees. They used the park's entertainers, performers and staff to keep the evacuees calm and orderly as CEDA began the evacuation. According to the graffiti in the safe room, CEDA took a long time to evacuate the refugees as they were short on buses. They also apparently evacuated The Midnight Riders first before any of the other civilians. While the Infection made its way to Whispering Oaks Amusement Park, CEDA slowly evacuated everyone from the area. Once the evacuation was completed, they barricaded the entrance to the site, putted a "Closed" sign up, turned a few searchlights on and sent a helicopter in to search for any stragglers.

The searchlights and helicopter drew the Survivors toward Whispering Oaks Amusement Park and its stadium. Once they got to the outer gate of the stadium at the check-in, they must activate the switch to open the gate causing a Gauntlet Crescendo Event where the Survivors must run to the safe room. Once there, they planned on how to get the helicopter pilot's attention. They decided to head out to the main stage and start the finale of The Midnight Riders concert. Once they adjusted the lighting and set the stage, they began the finale by holding out against the waves and waves of the Infected, until the fireworks display caught the pilot's attention, after which he flew in and rescued them. However, he would later succumb to infection, leading Nick to shoot him and causing the helicopter to crash near Village En Marais.



  • The stadium can be seen in Chapter Four, The Barns. However, the Survivors have to go around to the main gate and open it to gain access to the safe room inside.
  • The posters of The Midnight Riders can be seen outside the stadium (Similar to the Jimmy Gibbs Jr. sign in The Atrium at Liberty Mall).
  • Originally, Valve planned this finale to be set on a train, akin to a more county fair type setting. This was cut out because it "wasn't as much fun as you would think".
  • The boxes of Fireworks can only be found at the stadium due to The Midnight Riders concert using them.
  • Ellis and Coach will sometimes sing (The parts of The Midnight Riders songs) when on stage near the center microphone.
  • The helicopter can appear on either side of the stadium, making it difficult to predict where he will land and where the Survivors should go. However, the side of the stadium that the helicopter enters from is always the opposite of the side that it stops at to wait for the Survivors.
  • If the player attempts to enter the helicopter before it stops moving, one of the two glitches may occur. If the attempt to board is very early, the player may simply pass through the helicopter uninterrupted, forcing them to circle back to board the helicopter properly. If the player is only slightly early, they may make it partway through the helicopter before it solidifies, trapping the Survivor in the helicopter's floor.
    • A player that is stuck in the helicopter will still be rescued when all of the Survivors boarded.
    • Both of these glitches occurred because the helicopter is not solid until it finishes the animation that it uses to fly into the stadium.
  • It seems that The Midnight Riders did "lip-syncing" concerts instead of actual "live" performances as it was evidenced by the prerecorded songs that played during the finale.
  • The Peach Pit is the location of the pre-order Left 4 Dead 2 video, Batter Up.
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