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The Last Stand
Tagline "It doesn't end well."
Creator Valve, Left 4 Dead 2 Community Update Team
  1. The Junkyard
  2. Lighthouse Finale

"Hold out for your last stand at the lighthouse."

"The Last Stand" is a two-map campaign remake of the Left 4 Dead survival mission of the same name, made by the Left 4 Dead 2 community. It was released as part of The Last Stand Update—the fourth DLC for Left 4 Dead 2—on September 24, 2020.

This campaign as well as content update of the same name is PC exclusive and will not be coming to Xbox 360[1].

Full Walkthrough of this Campaign can be found here


According to the developers, the campaign takes place as an alternative what-if ending to "Death Toll" in the case that the survivors took a different path leading to the Death Toll Finale.

As revealed at the start of "The Junkyard", the Left 4 Dead survivors eventually reach an unnamed village by way of a pickup truck. However, their truck breaks down, forcing the survivors to continue their journey on foot. Barricades and blockades from chaos at the village cause them to take a detour that leads them to the lighthouse instead of to the village evacuation sites (which are no longer manned by the time the Survivors arrive). Concluding that their only hope for rescue is by lighting the long-disused lighthouse and hoping that a boat sees them, the Survivors light the beacon and must then fight on their own against massive onslaughts of the Infected while awaiting rescue.


Main article: Graffiti#The Last Stand 2

Like other maps in Left 4 Dead series, scattered graffiti serves as a story telling mechanic. Similar to its predecessor, graffiti in this version of The Last Stand is strongly pessimistic, depressing, distressing, and hopeless, despite this version providing rescue and salvation to the survivors, although it does not come easily.

The graffiti in the village reveals that although all evacuation sites are empty, it is suggested that there was an evacuation attempt within the village. It is unknown if the evacuation was successful or not. However, it seems that one of the evacuation sites used by villagers was the lighthouse, which was manned by a small unit of military servicemen at that time.

The graffiti in the watchtower outpost near the lighthouse reveals that in the end, the military unit was eventually overrun by the infected. One graffiti warns future passing survivors not to go to the lighthouse, as death awaits them there. It can be discovered that a distraught survivor possibly committed suicide here after realizing that rescue was hopeless. Other survivors holding out here also eventually gave up hope, and either fleed from the area, or perished.


Main article: Achievements

Confedaracy of crunches.jpg
Finish a campaign using only melee weapons.

Dead in the water.jpg
Kill 10 swampy Mudmen while they are in the water.

Crass menagerie.jpg
Kill one of each Uncommon Infected.

The real deal.jpg
Survive a campaign on Expert difficulty with Realism mode enabled.

PC exclusive[]

Achievement The Last Dash.png
Complete The Last Stand campaign in 13 minutes or less, without any Survivors dying.

Achievement Household Names.png
Discover the hidden room in the Last Stand campaign

Achievement Still Standing.png
Survive The Last Stand campaign on any difficulty.

Achievement The Last Frontier.png
Survive The Last Stand campaign on Expert Realism.


  • "The Last Stand" is the only campaign to not be playable on Left 4 Dead: Survivors, due to Taito discontinuing online servers for this game on July 26, 2017.
  • There is speculation that the L4D2 version of "The Last Stand" offers an alternate explanation or "what if" scenario if the Survivors had taken an alternate way from the Death Toll's Boathouse Finale. There are several proofs of it might be possible. As the result, this campaign might provide alternative history that stitched Death Toll and Dead Air together.
    • At the starting point of the campaign, a gate guarding a fenced-in area can be found. The design and position is similar to one from the Boathouse Finale chapter. Using noclip to explore both of area beyond the fenced-in area also resulted in same view of each other counterpart.
    • There is a video showing the connection between this campaign with Death Toll. A prop (specifically a truck) was recently added to the Death Toll finale that suggests The Last Stand branches off from the main story here.
    • In addition, the usage of the name "Riverside" to refer this area in some signs and graffiti, indicated that the campaign takes place in Riverside.
    • Reuse and appearance of John Slater and his boat at the end of the campaign to pick up the survivors which only met by the survivors during the Death Toll escape sequence.
    • It has been confirmed by members of the Community Update Team that the Last Stand indeed branches off from Death Toll's finale. The survivors hotwired the pickup truck seen behind the fenced off area of Death Toll's Boathouse Finale and drove it to the starting area of The Last Stand.
  • Despite said shared the same area as in the Boathouse Finale, there is some differences between The Last Stand and the Death Toll version of this campaign:
    • The arch of the gate is complete in The Last Stand version and had a pile of bodies outside. In Death Toll version, the arch is not complete (no arch, just a pair of pillars) and there is no pile of bodies outside.
    • The right side of the starting point is a tall cliff. If you see the Death Toll version, the right side is much lower and you can see a row of the back side of houses.
    • The location and water also not consistent. The original Riverside Park in Death Toll is near to the water body (in this case, big river). However, the location of the starting point suggest the distance between the Park and the water body become some distance far away from the Riverside's big river.
    • The running stream adjacent to the starting point seemed does not follow the flow of the river supposed to be. It flows in the reverse of the flow of Riverside's big river, making the stream somehow detached and does not fit with the impression of the larger river's flow flowing in the original Riverside Park in Death Toll.
    • In addition, the flow of the stream near the junkyard also not consistent and somehow moved much faster than flow at Death Toll and stream in the beginning of the campaign. Either it was intended to become part of the stream near the starting point or not, it is unexplained.
    • Since the escape point is located at the much lower area compared with the original river as Death Toll supposed to be and located much farther from the Newburg, where Dead Air and take place, it is unexplained how finally John Slater found the way to Newburg to kicked out the survivors.
  • Like its predecessor, the L4D2 version of "The Last Stand" also re-uses many of Death Toll's aesthetics. In addition, several props and concepts from Blood Harvest, The Sacrifice, and Cold Stream also taken and implemented here, especially at The Junkyard chapter.
    • A concept from the unfinished Dam It campaign about a burned forest with lingering fire was implemented in The Last Stand at the plane crash site, albeit only covering a small area rather than a large portion of forest like in the original Dam It.
    • Restarting the generators in the Junkyard event is directly inspired by the generators from The Sacrifice's Finale, which need to be started up in order to progress, and the generator shutting down during Crash Course's Finale.


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