How to test

If you've been linked here by clicking on a citation, please have a look at the article and see if you can verify the information that has been called into question. Please don't remove the citation if you are unsure.

If you're unsure as to what information the citation is referring to, please ask an admin. Or, if possible, check with the user that edited in the citation. If the citation is blatantly placed in the wrong location, please remove it.

Finally, if you remove a citation, please leave a comment as to why you did so in the edit summary box.


Articles with this citation need testing of some sort. Usually, they're a weapon, or other similar item that does a variable amount of something (damage, healing, etc.) that needs to be tested to find the exact (or approximate) correct value. You can help out by doing this testing, and then reporting your results here by editing the page that needs the help.

This template is used for identifying sections or facts that need testing/verification. It also adds the article it is used on to Category:Testing needed.

Example: The auto shotgun does 1000 points of damage per shot [?]

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