Hey, umm, since all the midnight riders fans are metal heads, perhaps Ed is a nod to Iron Maiden's zombie macot, Eddy.


the underground 'Campaign consist of a pool bar and a tatoo parlor. next to the pool bar is a construction site. once reache the top the player might cathc a glimpse of the midnight riders tour bus. then the survivors head down to an abandoned pool table and goes upstairs. in one of the rooms of the apartment. their is a briefcase consisting of money, pistols and a magnum as stated in the one bad man song. coach might sing the lyrics when he see's the easter egg. once on the top floor, the survivors will have to cross a plank to get to the other abandoned building. this area is usually spawns a foot locker or a m60. once on the survivors reach the outside. they'll have to go to the jazz club. within the jazz club is the under the river tour. which is kind of a mining area. then the survivors will encounter a somewhat sewer area. once they reach the ladder they'll have to go to the gate. opening the gate will trigger a cressendo event. the survivors will jump down the water then reach the ladder and open the second gate. once on the end of the walk way they'll have to jump back in to the water. and go straight in the sewer.upon reaching the end. they'll climb a ladder then go up the the stairs to the safe room.

Ok, what makes you guys so sure that the midnight riders are heading to their next concert? It's three weeks into the zombie invasion, they're getting the heck out of there. It is also possible that there are other survivors in the bus. It is my belief that the survivors in the bus are the survivors that are going to be in Left 4 Dead 3 whether it is the midnight riders or newcomers. The Passing refers to the passing of Bill, the two teams passing eachother, and the Left 4 Dead 3 survivors passing by quickly. Mashuga31 22:09, May 14, 2010 (UTC)

You actually think they're gonna make a third Left 4 Dead game? What proof do you have of this anyway? Because I seriously doubt that, especially since Vavle can barely even make ONE game.

Umm, if they can barely make one game, then how did they make two Left 4 Deads, in two years. Also, I don't know Valve's games that well, but I'm pretty sure that they have more.TheBlueGriffin 00:28, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

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