Location of Crash Course[edit source]

Riverside seems to be west of Philadelphia, which is shown on the map in the saferoom. I can only guess the river you go over in Crash Course is the Schuylkill and not the Delaware.Windyshrimp

It's in Pennsylvania, Zoey specifically says it. Strong I
Right, the article suggests Riverside is in New Jersey and that you go over the Delaware River, I am pointing out that the map in the saferoom shows that Riverside is northwest of Philadelphia, which would be across the Schuylkill river, still in Pennsylvania. In fact, the article on Riverside states the town is in New Jersey which, I would argue, it is not. Windyshrimp
Well, I wouldn't know. I'm English, BTW. Strong I

Killing Zombies with the Mortar[edit source]

Near the end, you know that giant gun you have to fire to destroy the barricade, I wanted to test which zombies are killable by firing that giant mortar. Turns out that regular, Smokers, Hunters, and Boomers are killible on all difficulties. And surprisingly, a near perfect health (at least 5 seconds of AI gun fire) killed it on normal. Will attempt to test other Difficulties, but am welcoming anyone who can help me out. --Dwarf Ninjas 02:59, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

I tried it on Francis and it didn't do anything. But, I didn't try it on the Infected though. Nice find dude :) --RadicalEdward2 21:14, October 5, 2009 (UTC)

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