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State Georgia
Campaigns Dead Center
Real-world Counterpart Savannah, Georgia
"I can't believe I'm stuck in Savannah..."
"I guess living here's finally paying off."

Savannah is the second largest city in the state of Georgia following Atlanta and serves as an industrial center and an important Atlantic seaport. It is the first city seen in Left 4 Dead 2, during the campaign, Dead Center which the four Survivors met together for the very first time.


Savannah seen from The Vannah Hotel

A nice peaceful city located in a valley/forest-like area in Georgia, Savannah also serves as a major Atlantic seaport where ships and cruise liners can offload supplies and passengers. Similar to the cities of Fairfield, Newburg and New Orleans, this city was once flourishing with people and tourists who spent their time and money shopping and buying commercial items and products from malls, strip malls and local shops which helped with the economy. A local hero named Jimmy Gibbs Jr. is also well known throughout the city and was asked to reveal the new renovations of Liberty Mall in the fall of 2009.

Streets of Savannah

Two of the main Survivors, Coach and Ellis are born and raised in Savannah where Coach teaches at a local school and Ellis works at an auto mechanic shop. Ellis seems to know more about the city than Coach as he points out more landmarks to the other Survivors during their time in the city.

Another Survivor living in Savannah is 60-year-old Whitaker who owns a gun store in the downtown area near Liberty Mall. It is unknown if he was born in Savannah, but in the game, he is seen still living in Savannah at his gun store.

Current Status[]

Abandoned streets of Savannah due to the infection

Savannah has only just been hit by the Infection.

Several streets can be seen with police barricades blocking access off while the sheriff cars guarded them.[1]CEDA is seen evacuating the city (They are able to since the Infection only recently reached the city) and several abandoned evacuation centers and CEDA decontamination trailers can be seen throughout. The media was still present when the Infection reached the city, made apparent by Rochelle's presence in the infected area.

The Vannah Hotel and Liberty Mall served as CEDA's main evacuation centers, but with the Infection raging out of control and CEDA trying to evacuate everyone, the two locations were easily overrun.

To help speed the evacuation process up and prevent overcrowding, CEDA used several Solar Message Signs throughout the city to inform the public about the other evacuation centers. For example, just outside The Vannah Hotel is a trailer that mentions another evac site at Liberty Mall where the refugees can be evacuated more quickly rather than being forced to wait and crowd the hotel area.

Barricaded streets in Savannah to stop the infection.

The Survivors arrived on the hotel's roof just as the last evacuation helicopter takes off. With no other options, they agreed that the best thing to do is to get across town to the other CEDA facility at Liberty Mall which, unbeknownst to them, had been overrun or abandoned as well.

Landmarks in Savannah[]


  • It can be noted that Nick doesn't like Savannah very much as when Ellis makes a comment to go to the gun store, he sarcastically states that "living here's finally paying off."
  • The Survivors met for the first time in this city on top of The Vannah Hotel.
  • CEDA plays a major role in this campaign as the infected CEDA hazmat agents, equipment, vehicles, posters and signs can be seen throughout the campaign.
  • Advertisements on billboards seen throughout the city hint to the Survivors of upcoming locales and events seen later in the campaign or in the next campaign (Originally Dark Carnival).


  1. In Chapter 2 of Dead Centre, you can see a Sheriff's patrol car next to a tall barricade blocking off a street near the Vannah Hotel
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