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Saint Roches Cemetery.jpg
Saint Roches Cemetery
State New Orleans, Louisiana
Campaigns The Parish
Real-world Counterpart Saint Louis Cemetery
"Oh, man, I hope we don't see no ghosts."
"Ellis, you're carrying like ten different guns."

Saint Roches Cemetery is a graveyard located in New Orleans. The Survivors are forced to pass through this cemetery after the interstate freeway to the bridge was destroyed by the military during a bomb run seen in the chapter, The Cemetery in Left 4 Dead 2.


This cemetery is one of the oldest and most famous locations for it's architecture that is used to bury it's former citizens of New Orleans. It is a large and open area filled with tombs and mausoleums and features a monument at the center of the graveyard. The graveyard has lots of plant life and trees that covered the walls and tombstones. However, there are still large vacant plots where the additional people can be buried.

Current Status[]

The cemetery overrun by infected.

The Survivors must pass through this cemetery in order to continue on to the bridge. When they got onto the Interstate, it is immediately bombed by the military which is trying to cover a retreat. This allows access to the Survivors to drop down into the graveyard and proceed onward to The Quarter. When passing through the cemetery, many of the mausoleums and tombs are broken into as well as empty which might suggest that either the Infected ate the bodies or they were looted. Near the entrance gate, it seems that some people were driving a truck to escape from the Infection. However, they lost control of their vehicle and slammed into the wall of the cemetery, though it seems that they most likely survived as no bodies are nearby.



  • A wandering Witch or Tank may spawn somewhere within the cemetery.
  • It is unknown if the tombs were looted or broken into by the Infected.
    • However, the presence of the supplies that can be found among the tombs in the graveyard seemed to indicate that humans who would have been carrying those supplies were the perpetrators.
  • The weapons and ammo can sometimes be found at the center of the graveyard near the monument.
  • The layout of the graveyard changes with each playthrough, making it quite easy to get lost.
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