Riverside park
Riverside Park
State Riverside, Pennsylvania
Campaigns Death Toll
"We can get to the river through the park."
"Attention boat owner, we are the cops! I command you to pick us up!"

Riverside Park is seen on the final chapter in the Death Toll campaign of Left 4 Dead. Seeing the town completely overrun and no signs of any survivors or the military, the Survivors head through the park to the boathouse to find a boat and make their way out of there.


Riverside 10

Picnic area inside Riverside Park.

This recreational park is located along the river. One of Riverside's income sources to the city is the fishing industry, where citizens of this town would use fishing vessels and fish just off the coast in the river (such as John and Amanda Slater). Residents of Riverside would also spend time here at the park relaxing and engaging in outdoor and water activities. Visitors to the town can go swimming, have picnics, go camping, bring in campers/trailers, or rent boats at the boathouse, which makes this park a "must-see" attraction to tourists passing Riverside.

Current StatusEdit

L4d smalltown05 houseboat0002

The Military Humvee parked outside the civilian house near the park.

The park is completely empty and abandoned with only a few wandering infected. The military was using a nearby house as a command post, but once the infection hit, the soldiers pulled out of Riverside and the remaining troops were killed by the Infected in the house.

The Survivors pass through the house and head out the backyard, which leads into Riverside Park. They continue up the hill and into the picnic area near the boathouse. John and Amanda Slater have their fishing boat anchored near the shore and use a radio to look for survivors who can help defend them as they make their way to another military outpost. Once the Survivors are ready, they radio him and hold out until his arrival while facing an endless wave of infected.


  • Riverside Park was the first park the Survivors go through before Bienville Park was created for the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors and Rayford Park for the DLC, The Passing.
  • The Survivors can see the city of Newburg across the river in the distance, which is where the next campaign (Dead Air) takes place.
  • A Tank or Witch may spawn somewhere in the park before the Survivors start the finale.
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