Rayford 06
Town of Rayford
State Georgia
Campaigns The Passing
The Sacrifice
Real-world Counterpart Macon, Georgia
"This is the middle of nowhere, we left all those people behind for this?! Are you kidding me?"
"City of Rayford, they use to have Boiled Peanuts Festival here... oh man good memories."

Rayford is a suburban town in Georgia and is located between Savannah and Griffin County (near Whispering Oaks Amusement Park). It is the main setting for all the Survivors in both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 as the town serves as a meeting point.


Rayford has some historic significance and likes to encourage both its residents and tourists to stop by and take interest in learning about its history, culture, and heritage. Along with the town's history, it also displays a vibrant nightlife as several shops use neon signs and lights and play music everywhere you go.

Most of the town's residents like the Midnight Riders as they advertise the band in local bars and pool halls with posters and signs as well they were also seen preparing for a concert. Rayford's main source of income comes from Rayford Port and Shipping where they send and receive goods by boat and train.

The town was trying to expand to other sources of income such as tourism, encouraging people to purchase souvenirs from shops as well as take the scenic "Under the River" tour (which also provided work at the Brick Factory) and with music, where The Midnight Riders were scheduled to play a concert here.

Current StatusEdit

After the initial Green Flu outbreak across the Eastern United States and hearing how CEDA and the military failed to maintain the quarantine, the citizens of Rayford preferred to survive the Infection on their own. Well-equipped Survivors were prepared to fight off the Infected, and homemade weapons such as molotovs and pipe bombs were stockpiled in huge numbers by the citizens. However, the sheer number of Infected finally overran the city piece by piece, and many of the Survivors turned into Infected themselves (the appearance of several Fallen Survivors in the east part of the city). Although the citizens preferred to hold out by themselves, they most likely had no choice but to allow CEDA to intervene.

It seems CEDA tried to help the city due to the presence of several infected CEDA agents roaming the blocked streets (in the Left 4 Dead 2 version of The Sacrifice), as well as the presence of several CEDA evacuation buses parked at various areas. CEDA tried to evacuate as much of the population as possible while establishing a defensive perimeter around Rayford Port. However, they failed, and eventually, neither the CEDA nor the town's citizens' plans worked and the whole population was destroyed by the infection.

At one point, a live Tank specimen was brought through the city. This specific Tank has a unique model compared to any others in the entire game (Or the entire series in general), and most likely the Military captured it, but it's most likely not caught in this city since there's no other evidence of military prescence. The Tank, according to his physical features on his body, used to be a soldier before he got infected. The train was guarded by the military, however, it was unable to continue any further due to a collapsing bridge. According to the wreckage, the train, unable to stop, was derailed, destroyed, and everyone except for the Tank died, who got locked inside until he's released and defeated. It's assumed that the Tank in the trailer was a simple infected individual in the beginning, since there were severely mutilated corpses and blood stains inside the Tank's train car suggesting that there were soldiers guarding the infected individual before he turned into a tank and killed them all.

Both groups of Survivors come through this city, making it the only location that had been featured in both games. Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey enter from the north by a military train they took all the way from Millhaven (assumed to be in Pennsylvania), of which they stole from the base, and were forced to stop because the tracks don't go on anymore, while Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle enter by Jimmy Gibbs Jr.'s stock car from the east after stealing it from Liberty Mall to escape. L4D survivors will have to fight through the industrial areas and eventurally lift the bridge to escape (after moving the sailboat), whist the L4D2 survivors will have to fight through from the other side of the bridge taking an underground path in order to get through.

Landmarks in RayfordEdit



  • Rayford is home to a motorcycle gang ironically known as "The Zombies." The gang members are Infected during the initial outbreak.
  • Rayford is apparently based on the city Atlanta, which is mentioned several times on graffiti in The Sacrifice and by Valve.
  • This is the only town where a Witch (dressed as a bride) and a Tank (more under dressed than normal) will always be encountered at one of the same spots, though in different campaigns.
    • Rayford is also the most Tank-infested city in the Left 4 Dead universe yet. This might just be gameplay reasons, but that is not certain.
  • Rayford is the only known town that both the Survivor groups go through other than various non-canon Custom Campaigns.
  • On the main highway between the Army Reserve Center and the demolished bridge is a crashed single engine airplane.
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