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REV. LeClaire's VOODOO Shop.jpg
REV. LeClaire's VOODOO Shop
State New Orleans, Louisiana
Campaigns The Parish
"Do you know what suck the heads means? Cause I came down here with Keith once and he didn't know and... I mean, it ain't nothin' bad. It's about eatin'."
"Highly contagious area. It sure is."

REV. LeClaire's VOODOO Shop is the minor setting of the Waterfront and Park chapters of The Parish campaign.


REV. LeClaire's VOODOO Shop is a small shop in New Orleans established in 1914. This shop sells beverages like beers.

Current Status[]

During the infection the REV. LeClaire's VOODOO Shop has been turned into a safe room with metal doors. There are four first aid kits and ammunition on the ground, also two frying pans, a Uzi submachine gun and 870 pump shotgun are on the cash register. Pipe bombs, molotov cocktails, pain pills and adrenaline shots are on the middle shelves. Was left there by other refugees to leave they're supplies and weapons in this shop. However the owner had to fleed away, while others are gotta looting some beers and fleed after.


  • A submachine gun and pump shotgun will always spawn here.
  • Bile bombs will spawn not here.
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