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City of Newburg
State Pennsylvania
Campaigns Dead Air
Real-world Counterpart Newburg, Pennsylvania
"Looks like the airport is still operating. I say we should head there!"
"Last time I was here, the city wasn't so much on fire"

Newburg is a large city located somewhere in Pennsylvania and is the main setting for the campaign Dead Air in Left 4 Dead.


Newburg is more of a business- and financial-class city than the city of Fairfield is. It is filled with shops, apartments, and businesses in the downtown districts. Several tall buildings and skyscrapers can be seen in the downtown skyline and because of all the business and size of the city, Newburg has its own airport allowing the businesses to thrive and expand globally as well as easier access for the public to enter and leave the city as they wish.

Current StatusEdit

Newburg 2

Newburg seen across the river from Riverside Park. The city already began its fight with the infection.

Once the infection reached the city, CEDA immediately quarantined the main source of travel to the city in hopes of once again preventing the spread of the infection. This method failed and then the military ordered an immediate bombing of the city to prevent further infection. While the Survivors make their way through the city in order to follow a C-130 Hercules military plane to Metro International Airport and escape the Infection, they cross many rooftops, go through abandoned hotels and office buildings, and even through a construction site.
L4d airport02 offices0062

One of the many abandoned streets of Newburg.

Landmarks in NewburgEdit

L4d airport03 garage0036

The entrance of Newburg Metro International Airport.


  • Due to the fact that buildings are still up in massive flames and the heavy presence of ember in the air, along with Bill commenting on the military bombing that occurred in the city, Newburg was only recently besieged by the Infection.
  • Zoey will comment saying "Last time I was here the city wasn't so much on fire," meaning she has been to Newburg before.
  • Due to the high risk of infection, numerous planes are seen crashed throughout the city by the Survivors due to the Infected or from military bombings.
  • Alternatively, Newburg is part of the Pittsburgh area, since it takes place near a river (at the Boathouse Finale, you can see Newburg across the river), has an international airport, and Pittsburgh is, in real life, close to Allegheny National Forest, which is the location of the next campaign, Blood Harvest.
  • There are actually 5 towns named "Newburg" in Pennsylvania, however none of them fit the description of this Newburg. Most likely, this Newburg is based on Pittsburgh.
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