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City of New Orleans
State Louisiana
Campaigns The Parish
Real-world Counterpart New Orleans, Louisiana
"Would you look at this map. Folks, I think N'awlins is the last city standing in the country."
Coach (from The Vannah in the Dead Center campaign)
"I kinda remember the city a little different."

New Orleans (sometimes abbreviated to NOLA) is a major U.S. port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. The whole city serves as the destination for the four Survivors of Left 4 Dead 2, and is the main location for its final campaign, The Parish. The city itself is well known for it's distinct French Creole architecture as well as it's cross cultural and multilingual heritage. The metropolitan city is also famous for it's cuisine, music (The birthplace of jazz) and it's annual celebrations and festivals (Which can all be seen in the chapter, The Quarter).


This city was always lively and full of adventure. The people often said that this was the "most unique" city in America where they have all kinds of cultural background and heritage such as the French Quarter and jazz music. Similar to the cities of Fairfield and Newburg, this major city was once flourishing with people and tourists which caused a vibrant lifestyle. Many seafood based restaurants can be seen here such as Jules' Fresh Crawfish near the Waterfront Market and jazz clubs filled with music and eager patrons wanting to hear that famous jazz. The city was beginning to prepare for one of it's traditional fall festivals and residents loved building and setting the parades and floats up. The military even had a naval base in the city near the port due to its strategic value and location.

Current Status[]

As the Green Flu rampaged its way down into the Southern United States, city after city fell and New Orleans was quickly turned to by many as a last resort. With the virus inching towards New Orleans and CEDA's continuous failures in containing the Infection, the military took over all operations and evacuations centers. The military was separating the people into groups by Carriers and non-Infected. It seems that the city became a huge war zone as the refugees were fighting to survive by killing the Infected, avoiding the military's harsh protocols and being killed by the other armed refugees due to paranoia. The graffiti that was found throughout the campaign suggests that the surviving refugee community created by the apocalypse realized that the asymptomatic characters which are the Survivors in both games are infecting the healthy population. Some of the uninfected refugees harbored an urge to murder the carriers to ensure their own safety and prevent future infection while some few advocated for their forgiveness. The people were told to head towards the Louisiana Naval Base where they would be evacuated by helicopter to the cruise ships out in the Gulf of Mexico. In the meantime, the military began precision strikes in the city to delay the infection.

Landmarks in New Orleans[]


  • It seems that New Orleans was one of the last cities to become overrun by the Infection. However, this is highly unlikely, given that the conditions in the Western United States are yet to be confirmed by CEDA or the military.
  • All CEDA operations had been suspended and taken over by the U.S. Military at this point.
  • The military F-18 fighter jets are seen flying through the city throughout the entire campaign by trying to bomb the parts of the city to stop the Infection.
  • Nick has been to New Orleans before as he may sometimes comment, "I kind of remember the city a little different."
    • Ellis has been to New Orleans before as he may sometimes comment in Dead Center, "I haven't been to New Orleans in a dog's age! Come on, this would be fun!"
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