"It's machete time..."
"Can save some bullets with this one."

The Machete is a close combat weapon, introduced in Left 4 Dead 2.

It can be obtained in the following campaigns:

Melee Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Melee weapons replace Pistols in the secondary weapon slot. Unlike Pistols, close combat weapons never need to be reloaded and cannot run out of ammo (excluding the Chainsaw). They have two main drawbacks: a limited reach and (with a few exceptions) relatively long cooldown periods. Close combat weapons cause minimal friendly fire damage to the Survivors, even on Advanced and Expert difficulty levels (the Chainsaw is an exception).

These weapons are extremely effective. All melee weapons, on all difficulties, kill Common Infected and most Special Infected in one hit, aside from the Charger (which takes two—but see point below), the Witch (which takes four), and the Tank (which takes twenty, excluding the Chainsaw). Due to their death effects, it is generally advised to melee neither the Boomer (unless there is no choice) nor the Spitter (unless it is possible to move away immediately from the resulting acid splash).

The melee weapons appear to do more damage if an Infected's head or upper body is targeted. With the correct timing it is possible to kill a Charger with one hit while it is charging, allowing a Survivor to "level" a charge without first dealing damage to the Charger and to gain the achievement "Level a Charge".

The Machete is classified as a slashing weapon: it will sever limbs, and spew blood on the screen.

Pros & Cons[edit | edit source]

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • Extremely fast swings.
  • Fast reset time after a swing.
  • Can be used to cut a Smoker's tongue.

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Has an arc of swing smaller than some other melee weapons such as the Guitar.
  • Covers the screen with blood since it is a slashing weapon.
  • Not recommended for killing Boomers due to bile showering attacker and any nearby Survivors.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Achievements

Confedaracy of crunches.jpg
Finish a campaign using only melee weapons.

Head honcho.jpg
Decapitate 200 Infected with a melee weapon.

Tank burger.jpg
Kill a Tank with melee weapons.

Beat the rush.jpg
In a Survival round, get a medal only using melee weapons.

Club dead.jpg
Use every melee weapon to kill Common Infected.

Level a charge.jpg
Kill a Charger with a melee weapon while they are charging.

PC exclusive[edit | edit source]

Achievement Lickety-split.png
With a sharp melee weapon, cut a Smoker's tongue before he ensnares you.

Achievement New Haircut.png
Kill a Witch using only a sharp melee weapon, without anyone getting incapacitated or killed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Machete in action during the second level of "The Parish"

Ellis holding Machete in "Cold Stream"

  • The Machete, in many aspects, is quite similar to the Kukri, the Sniper's default melee weapon in Team Fortress 2, another game made by Valve.
  • A machete is a large cleaver-like cutting tool usually used for agricultural purposes (e.g. cutting sugar cane and clearing vegetation for crops). It can also be used for other purposes such as chopping bamboo for housing, carving wood and gardening. Machetes are standard issue to troops operating in tropical theatres for cutting through jungle and preparing bivouacs. Due to its ubiquitous presence, blade size and everyday familiarity, machetes are also commonly used as a weapon in tropical countries in times of civil unrest and rebellion.
    • In the game, the Machete's appearance consists of a South American-bladed machete with a hand-carved, light brown wooden handle.
  • The Machete, the Baseball Bat, and the Cricket Bat all have three different animations compared to only two animations that all the other weapons have.
  • The Machete's shove attack shares its movement with the Frying Pan, although its shove is faster.
  • If the Machete is used on the Riot Infected's protected area, it will not cause any damage. However, the Riot Infected will still bleed and spew blood on the screen. This is likely an overlooked glitch.
    • This glitch is also present in all melee weapons, even bladed weapons such as the Axe and the Katana.
  • Like all melee weapons, blood stains will appear on the Machete after attacking an Infected.
  • It has not yet been explained why Machetes are commonly found in "The Parish", but it can be assumed that they were brought to New Orleans by refugees from the nearby countryside. Another possibility is that some residents of the city have been using them as a traditional tool for tending plants in their gardens or may have kept them in their homes for self-defense purposes.
    • It is possible that the soldiers in the military who were stationed in the nearby parishes surrounding New Orleans may have been using machetes to cut through the swamps, given the machetes that can be found in "The Bridge" alongside the abandoned military vehicles throughout the area.
    • The Machete's inclusion in the campaign may be best explained through the Nightstick. Both weapons are best known for their remarkable speed. However, the Nightstick seems to have more critical flaws than the Machete (e.g. poor hit detection and mediocre swing arc). For this reason, many players find it difficult to fight Hordes of Infected using the former, and the Machete therefore may have been placed to serve as a substitute since it is easier to use.
    • Civilians and refugees could have been smuggling around machetes because CEDA generally disapproved firearms and the private security forces (now the Riot Infected) would probably confiscate such weapons.
  • Prior to the December 16, 2011 update, Machetes could only be obtained in "The Parish" and "Swamp Fever" campaigns. Following the said update, the original campaigns "Death Toll" and "Blood Harvest" (along with "Cold Stream") now feature the Machete in their respective maps.
  • With the exception of the Chainsaw, the Machete is the third fastest melee weapon. It is just marginally slower than the Nightstick. It is the second fastest if the Combat Knife is discounted.
  • With the exception of Cold Stream and custom campaigns, Katanas and Machetes never appear in the same campaign together.
  • There used to be a bug present while playing the game with high FOV using the Machete; the Survivors' left thumb completely broke. It has been fixed in the Last Stand update for PC version of Left 4 Dead 2.

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