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Chapter 2
Lighthouse Finale
Campaign The Last Stand (Left 4 Dead 2)
The Last Stand (Left 4 Dead 2) Chapter Chronology
Chapter 1
The Junkyard
Chapter 2
Lighthouse Finale
"I don't like this one damn bit."

"Lighthouse Finale" is the second and final chapter of "The Last Stand" Left 4 Dead 2 campaign.

The Survivors start off in a safehouse adjacent to a military outpost settled in a firetower near the lighthouse.

Outside the safehouse, the Survivors must pass an overrun watchtower outpost. From here, they must fight their way to the lighthouse. They find that the lighthouse, despite in a dilapidated state and without means to contact help, is still working. Upon the survivors deciding to turn on the lighthouse generator, the combination of bright light and the lighthouse's alarm glare will summon large hordes of the Infected. The Survivors must defend themselves against the Infected whilst they wait for rescue.

Halfway through the finale, the generator runs out of fuel. The Survivors must hastily collect fuel cans (the amount changes between difficulties) to turn the generator back on. Once they do, depending of the difficulty, either one or two Tanks will arrive shortly after. After the Tanks have been killed, a small fishing boat catches the lighthouse signal and the Survivors must go down to the seaside from the lighthouse, where it waits to pickup the survivors. Multiple Tanks will spawn once the Survivors reach the shoreline. After all Survivors board the boat, the boat will drift away from the shoreline to the misty island far away from the mainland, as the camera pans to the lighthouse.


  • It is unknown if the lighthouse depicted in both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 is based on a lighthouse in real life in the USA. The lighthouse building itself might be modeled after the Presque Isle Light on the shore of Lake Erie in North Western Pennsylvania. It is one of three lighthouses in Erie, along with the Erie Land Light and the North Pier Light. The lighthouse is situated on the northern shoreline of Presque Isle State Park overlooking the beach.
  • This map is largely based on the original "Lighthouse" map from Left 4 Dead's "The Last Stand", but extended to cover the watchtower and the new shoreline under the lighthouse.
  • In the safehouse bathroom, you can find an axe stuck into wall. This is a reference to 1980 psychological horror film The Shining based from 1977 Stephen King novel with the same name. In one memorable "Here's Johnny" scene, Jack Torrance, the film villain, broke into the bathroom using axe.
  • If you go to the right instead of passing straight to the watchtower from the safehouse, there is a stretch of road blocked by a bus wreck in the end. The bus model is the same bus model that appear in Death Toll's The Church.
  • Also, if you go to the right side of safe house, there is graffiti written over the mason wall. It is written "Jim, thank you for your sacrifice 1928–20xx". While it is quite strange, since the game take place in 2009, the graffiti actually is a tribute to Jim French, the original voice actor of Bill, who passed away due to old age in 2017. It also refers the Bill's sacrifice in The Sacrifice.
    • The last two numbers of "1928-20xx" are smudged in order to preserve the canon timeline consistency, as the game takes place in 2009, but Jim French died in 2017. In initial version of The Last Stand Community Update (version, it was not smudged and written as "2017". The smudging done after a patch, possibly after the developer spotted the oversight.
  • There is presence of military equipment (and infected servicemen). However, the lack of traces of CEDA suggest that the lighthouse and the nearby village were solely under the protection of military before they were finally overrun by The Infected.
    • A backpack with the CEDA logo can be found in the watchtower, indicating that CEDA may have had contact to the soldiers stationed in the area and sent them supplies to assist them.
  • The maps stored on the outpost tower are actually the same maps used in Blood Harvest's Farmhouse Finale.
  • If you interact with a radio in the military outpost tower, the radio's light will flicker to yellow as static plays. A weak 'Hello?' will sound, and the radio's light then changes to red shortly before it sparks and becomes unusable.
    • The voicelines for the watchtower's radio were originally recorded for a scrapped teaser trailer concept.
  • At the top room of the watchtower is a foot locker. When opened, an AK-47, a Magnum Pistol, and a Silenced Submachine Gun with unique skins can be found.
  • Near the lighthouse, there is a small cabin. Inside the cabin is a body of a deceased survivor with a pitchfork next to him.
  • In the original L4D1 version of this map prior its final version, a video showed that you were supposed to use a radio to call for help instead of turning on the generator. This cut concept was referenced with a darker tone in this map. At the same cabin where you can find a deceased survivor and his pitchfork, there is a non-functional radio located here. It is speculated that the desperate survivor tried to fix the radio to no avail, resulting in him falling into insanity and committing suicide (see the graffiti). This might have influenced the L4D1 survivors' decision to use the lighthouse for help instead of the radio.
  • The gas cans appear as indestructible decorative objects that cannot be interacted with at first, coloured green to help them further appear inconspicuous. Once the generator shuts down during the finale, the gas cans will then behave like regular gas cans during a Scavenge-style finale. Survivors can then pick them up, fuel the generator with them, or set them ablaze to fight the infected (causing them to shortly respawn so the finale does not become impossible). This is the only official campaign in which gas cans undergo this "state change" following a scripted event.
  • When the escape sequence begins, the rescue boat fires a bright red signal flare into the air, which is the source of the dramatic red lighting during the escape sequence. This flare lands on the ground in a manner that also helps to draw the player's attention towards the route that leads down to the boat.
  • Although the map is placed in the non-canonical timeline, the ending of this map ironically resembles and fulfills Bill's plan to get away from the U.S. mainland to remote island to ensure his and the rest of the L4D1 survivors' safety. In the canonical story, Bill dies before his plan is realized, although Zoey, Francis, and Louis managed to escape to the Florida Keys in aftermath of "The Passing".
  • Alternatively, since this campaign is also based on the Survivors taking a wrong path in Death Toll, and they are nonetheless saved by John Slater's boat, it's possible that events that follow in this alternate history would have played out on the boat in the same way as described by Francis in The Sacrifice comic, leading to where the Survivors begin in Dead Air.
    • It has been confirmed by members of the Community Update Team that this is indeed the case, meaning that despite The Last Stand branching off from the canon storyline where the survivors get rescued in Death Toll, it loops back and continues with Dead Air.
  • It is possible to you if you skipped the finale sequence and jumped into the rescue sequence through the help of L4D2 Admin System tool. Doing this resulted interesting thing happened. Despite you do not turned on the lighthouse beacon, you do not refill the generator, and the lighthouse beacon also stay turned off, the lighthouse's beacon become turned on when the final escape cutscene plays. However, the lighthouse beacon's light animation appear to become a long flickering light instead rotating.
    • This indicated that the lighthouse beacon is coded to be turned on and supposed to be turned on, no matter happened.
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