Left 4 Dead Wiki

This project page is a visual template for how the campaign level articles should be laid out. Any campaign level pages not following this layout should be given this template.


Generally, a completed walkthrough contains the following headings:

  1. Strategy
    1. Campaign
    2. Versus
      1. The Survivors
      2. The Infected
    3. Survival
    4. Scavenge (Left 4 Dead 2 only)
  2. Notes

The finales will not have these headings. They will be more like this:

  1. Strategy
    1. Survivors
      1. Method 1
      2. Method 2
      3. Method 3
      4. Method 4
      5. Etc, etc.
    2. Infected
      1. The Boomer
      2. The Hunter
      3. The Smoker
      4. The Tank
    3. Survival
  2. Notes

Pages requiring attention:[]

Left 4 Dead[]

No Mercy

Crash Course

Death Toll

Dead Air

Blood Harvest

Left 4 Dead 2[]

Dead Center

Dark Carnival

Swamp Fever

Hard Rain

The Parish

† These levels do not require the Survival heading.

¢ These levels requires Scavenge heading.

Keep In Mind[]

  • Walkthoughs can be but are not necessarily formal, many of the finished walkthroughs are descriptive and talkative, rather than formal. As long as it is an actual walkthrough.
  • Do not create a walkthrough containing personal experiences written in the form "I found pills here" or "This editor was attacked by a Smoker at this point". Instead, replace it with something along the lines of "Pills can often be found here." or "Smokers can set up effective ambushes at this location. Be careful.".
  • Do not sign your name on any areas of the walkthrough.
  • If a separate "Tips" section or something similar exists, try to incorporate it under the currently existing headings, for example "Strategy" or "Trivia".
  • If you are unsure of how the body of the walkthrough's text should be written, check the finished ones for a further, in-depth layout.
  • The goal is to guide the player through the level, not give completely vague directions and locations.