Unlike admins, Staff members are regular users that are recognized by the administration as users with more responsibility than average editors. Staff members are editors with expectations to keep the wiki up to date within their field of abilities and interests.

There are currently 6 different staff positions:

Janitors: Keep the Wiki clean
News reporters: Keep the blog up to date
Weapon testers: Keep the weapons pages up-to-date with statistics needed when there is a testing request on a page.
Writers: Keep the campaigns (either official or modifications) up to date with walkthroughs, and tactics. Also can provide in-game quotes for the Survivor quotes pages.
Visual editors: Provide clear screenshots of the games and character profiles.
Custom editors: Create pages for custom campaigns; contact map makers when needed; play through custom campaigns. These staff members can also be writers and provide walkthroughs for custom campaigns.

How to I become a registered staff member?[edit source]

Submit a staff request to the Request for Staff page. Once a user has been supported by three votes, an administrator may give them permission to be a staff member and they may place on their userpage the template for their respective position.

List of staff members[edit source]

Janitors[edit source]

  1. Nightmirage
  2. Sera404
  3. LaZa
  4. 06abrahb
  5. Jordan Woolf‎‎

News reporters[edit source]

  1. Sera404

Weapon testers[edit source]

Writers[edit source]

Visual editors[edit source]

  1. Jordan Woolf‎‎

Custom editors[edit source]

  1. 06abrahb
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