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Impound Lot.jpg
The Impound Lot
State New Orleans, Louisiana
Campaigns The Parish
"Alarms everywhere, people. Watch yourselves!"
"I'll tell you what'd be real bad right now: a Tank."

The Impound Lot is both an indoor and outdoor garage yard where the Survivors emerged from the sewers and have to pass through the yard to get to the freeway in The Cemetery in Left 4 Dead 2.


This lot is where the confiscated and damaged vehicles all over New Orleans and possibly Louisiana were brought. Between the New Orleans Parking Authority and New Orleans Police Department, they would have all kinds of vehicles towed here to this location at the owners' expense. The cars, trucks and even vans would sit here for a period, allowing the owner of the vehicles time to plan out what they would like to do with their vehicles. If they chose to abandon the vehicle, it would be auctioned off during an auto auction day/period where the public can place bids and buy these vehicles for a fairly low price.

Current Status[]

The backyard of the impound lot where all the car alarms are.

It seemed that when the Survivors appeared, the lot was going to have an auto auction to sell some vehicles to the public as the signs can be seen advertising it. However, judging by the several vehicles that were inside the yard, the auction was suspended until the Infection passed (Which never did). When everyone was being evacuated out of New Orleans, the owners of the lot activated most of the car alarms to each vehicle to prevent looting and the public from stealing them. Apparently, a semitrailer blocks the road path to the impound lot forcing the Survivors up the maintenance ladder to the freeway.


  • This appears to be a "slippery slope" in that setting one alarm off will inevitably cause many more to be set off by stray gunshots from the ensuing battle.
  • This area is considered an optional Crescendo Event instead of a series of panic events (Similar to the metal detectors at Metro International Airport in Dead Air in Left 4 Dead) as it is not necessary to set the alarms off.
  • All of the alarmed vehicles are sedans painted in a reddish, orange, or brown color. Every other non-alarmed car is a white coupe, hatchback, truck and van.
    • Interestingly, all of the vehicles are models made in the 1960s and 1980s, all of which are rather old for the game's 2009 setting.
  • A Tank may spawn in this area, making it even more difficult and challenging to navigate without triggering the car alarms. Alternatively, it may prove helpful as any alarmed car punched by the Tank will be disabled.
    • Ellis actually references this with a quote: "You know what would be really bad right now? A Tank."
  • If the Survivors pass through the lot without setting any car alarms off, they will have earned the achievement, VIOLENCE IN SILENCE.
  • All the alarmed cars can be punched by a tank, however all the white cars can not be punched for balancing reasons.
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