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Harbor View Hotel 2
Harbor View Hotel
State Newburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Campaigns Dead Air
"Let's head back to the rooftops."

The Harbor View Hotel is the setting for the ending of the first and beginning of the second chapter of the Dead Air campaign in Left 4 Dead.


This hotel is a building in downtown Newburg, Pennsylvania, marketing to guests such as tourists and many business travelers wanting a four-star hotel accommodation. It provides each guest with in-room necessities and room service, as well as possible meals that are prepared in the kitchen, which is located near the hotel's own loading dock at the back of the building.

Current StatusEdit

When the Infection made its way to Newburg, Metro International Airport was the first area to be put under quarantine to stop the spread of the infection.

L4d airport01 greenhouse00020

Harbor View Hotel reception area and lobby

In common with other locations, the Harbor View was hastily converted to an impromptu refuge with barricaded corridors and a safe room. However, it is evident that the Infection had already caught hold and these measures were ineffective. Whatever plans CEDA had to contain the epidemic were quickly overtaken by the speed and scale of the disaster; the military took over and abandoned any previous attempts to protect Newburg. The Harbor View Hotel thus became an empty symbol of earlier hopes in a now overrun urban landscape.


Planes are falling out of the Sky

"The planes are falling out of the sky" graffiti in the safe house

  • The hotel kitchen serves as a safe room.
  • The Survivors escape the hotel through a window on the 5th floor to the adjacent building.
  • The hotel kitchen has an unbreakable freezer storage door.
  • As seen in the picture, a room on the 8th floor appears to be uneven though some lights can be seen on by the Survivors when they travel through the hotel.
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