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The H&K MP5 is a Tier 1 weapon in Left 4 Dead 2.


The MP5 belongs to the submachine gun class. It can spawn anywhere in a campaign, especially in safe rooms. It has a lower fire rate than the other Submachine Gun variants in the game, but to balance this, the MP5 has slightly higher accuracy than the other two submachine guns, whilst its damage per shot and fire rate are below that of the Silenced Submachine Gun.

As with the Assault Rifle, it occupies the "middle ground" of the Submachine Gun variants on account of its adaptability to meet the demands of nearly every combat situation.


Main article: Tactics
  • Best used at medium-long range, as its rate of fire is lower, thus giving it low effectiveness in close combat. Take advantage of its accuracy!
  • Best combined with a Magnum Pistol for long range and Special Infected.
  • During Hordes, keep a distance from the main body of them. You do not want to get surrounded by a Horde without a melee weapon.
  • Always shoot in bursts to save ammo and to preserve its high accuracy.
  • With Special Infected at long ranges, always crouch to improve accuracy and shoot in longer bursts to ensure more bullets have chance to hit.
  • With Incendiary and Explosive ammunition, wait until the Common Infected get closer to you and shoot in bursts. This will drastically decrease the chance of wasting precious ammo upgrades.

Pros and Cons[]


  • High accuracy at medium ranges.
  • Very large reserve ammo supply.
  • Easiest submachine gun to conserve ammo with due to the lower fire rate.


  • Lowest rate of fire of the submachine guns.
  • Burst shooting is not as effective as other submachine guns although the method is advisable.
  • Slightly lower damage per second than dual P220 Pistols, if the pistols are fired as fast as possible.
  • Lower damage compared to the regular Submachine Gun and the silenced one.


  • The H&K MP5 is based on its Counter-Strike counterpart, the MP5 Navy. The weapon is based on a Heckler & Koch MP5.
  • H&K stands for Heckler & Koch GmbH — the weapon's manufacturer.
  • In "The Sacrifice" teaser trailer, Louis can be seen holding the MP5 near the 0:30 second mark.[1]
  • In the "Crash Course" poster, Bill can be seen holding the MP5.
  • Before The Last Stand Update the MP5 has a lot of issues such as reload animation skip when shoving and after reload while moving causes the weapon to stop moving unless the player stops moving to work again and the stock was missing if players played in high FOV.
  • In The Last Stand Update the MP5 was remodeled.



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