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Griffin County.jpg
Griffin County
State Georgia
Campaigns Dark Carnival
Real-world Counterpart Griffin, Georgia
"These abandoned cars go on for miles!"
"Let's head down this off ramp."

Griffin County is a rural county just outside the city of Savannah near the town of Rayford where the Dark Carnival campaign takes place in Left 4 Dead 2.


This county is located in a rural suburban area outside the town of Rayford in the state of Georgia. It is an open grass county filled with foilage and has a gorge/ridge with a small creek that runs through it. There is also the main interstate highway where the busy cars and trucks would drive to and from Savannah, Atlanta and Rayford (To the Rayford Port for shipping). The main tourist attraction in the area is the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park along with the Whispering Oaks Motel where the tourists can spend the night.

Current Status[]

When the Infection took over Savannah, CEDA moved in and set up an evacuation center at the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park's Peach Pit Stadium. Interstate 16 was used by the refugees that are fleeing from Savannah and Rayford trying to get to the evacuation center. However, due to the large numbers of the vehicles that were streaming out of the city and town, the highway quickly became gridlocked and those that were stuck in the traffic jam were sitting ducks for the Infected.

Further up the highway, several sleeping bags and discarded suitcases can be seen lying on the road, most likely belonging to people who left their cars and slept on the road as they could drive no further due to the traffic jam. CEDA had the military set a checkpoint up at the Whispering Oaks Motel where they blocked the highway and destroyed the bridge which forced the civilians to proceed through the checkpoint where they maintained control and protected the refugees from the Infection.

The Survivors escaped from Rayford with the help from the original Survivors and arrived to a vehicle-jammed highway. Since they could not drive their stock car past the vehicles to the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park evacuation site, they abandoned it and proceeded on foot. They passed by several abandoned cars, trucks and buses and exited the highway and took the off ramp heading toward the Whispering Oaks Motel.

They searched the motel rooms for supplies and navigated their way around to get past the barricaded road and down the ridge to the creek below. Once they passed through the water, they headed back up the hill and arrived at the front entrance of the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park.

Landmarks in Griffin County[]



  • This area was patrolled by the local County Sheriff's Department as some of its patrol cars can be seen.
  • This is the second named county that the Survivors must go through, the first being the original Survivors making their way through Whitney County in the DLC Crash Course.
  • The highway is somehow blocked by a chain-linked fence to prevent the Survivors from heading backwards. However, it is unknown how it got there and how they got the stock car past it.
  • This time, the Jimmy Gibbs Jr. car is seen to have taken damage and blood splatter from the Infected when they were rammed by the vehicle.
  • Two billboard ads can be seen in The Highway, advertising events that would occur later in the campaign.
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