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This article is about the location. For the chapter, see The Greenhouse.
The Greenhouse
State Newburg, Pennsylvania
Campaigns Dead Air
Real-world Counterpart Greenhouse
"Through the greenhouse!"

The Greenhouse is a structure located on top of an apartment building in the city of Newburg. It serves as the starting point for the Survivors in the Dead Air campaign in Left 4 Dead.


The greenhouse is made up of bricks and a glass rooftop to allow for sunlight for the plants to grow and thrive. Near the rooftop access door, there is a staircase that leads down into the rest of the apartment building. It is assumed that the certain residents used the greenhouse to grow plants and vegetation in the greenhouse. However, the structure seemed old and is slowly starting to deteriorate.

The Greenhouse

A lot of the ceiling panels are either covered with dirt, broken or missing all together which may indicate that the residents simply lost interest in the plants or did not have time to tend to them (Possibly due to the Infection).

Current Status[]

The military plane flying overhead getting the attention of the survivors.

When Metro International Airport was put under quarantine by CEDA, the residents in the apartment building began to panic and tried to flee the city. They focused more on survival kits and supplies instead of the plants in the greenhouse. It seems with the Infection spreading, more of the apartment tenants became Infected and the remaining Survivors headed up to the greenhouse in order to gain access to the rooftop. They barricaded the door to the apartments behind them to stop the Infected and setted wooden planks up to gain access to the building beside them.

Access to the apartment building which is barricaded.

The Survivors started off in the back room of the greenhouse after getting "kicked off" the boat from the Death Toll finale. They most likely got off and crossed the street to the apartment building where they climbed up to the roof and the greenhouse, dropped down through an open hatch in the glass roof and landed below in the greenhouse.

As they were catching their breath, a military plane called the C-130 Hercules flew right above the greenhouse, shaking the entire structure causing more glass and panels to break or fall off. The Survivors remarked on it saying that the plane is landing at the airport due to it's low flying altitude and they decided to head to Metro International Airport in the hopes of being rescued.


  • There is no apparent explanation for the Survivors being in the greenhouse as the only way to enter is how they leave, excepting the possibility of dropping down through an open hatch in the glass roof or through the house below the greenhouse.

    Supplies and grenades found in the greenhouse

  • Looking at the signs in this chapter, Fairfield and Newburg shared a Holly Street, them both having a street with such a name.
  • There is a boat visible when standing near the greenhouse where you can see that it was recycled from Half-Life 2 where it can be seen in the highway chapters resting on the shore.
  • This is the only campaign that starts off with grenades (Such as Pipe Bombs and Molotovs) at the very start near the Survivors. They're absent in Versus mode however for balancing reasons.
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