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The Golden Freeman achievement was introduced in The Last Stand Update. To obtain it, the player must find the golden Crowbar hidden in every Left 4 Dead survival map as well having a successful, if not short, run.

List of Golden Crowbar locations[]

This page contains the locations of every golden Crowbar.

No Mercy[]

Generator Room[]

On the metal pipes directly above the weapons table where you initially spawn.

  • Jump onto the supply table near where you spawn.
  • The crowbar should be on the metal pipes above you.

Gas Station[]

On the sloped roof next to a pair of vents over the crashed truck

  • Climb the truck and get onto its container.
  • Turn right and get to the right gap between the AC units and wall.
  • The crowbar should be located on the gutter of the sloped roof.


On the top level on a rack in a small storage room, in the larger room with Double Doors which is down the hall where you spawn.

  • Go down the hall toward the double doors.
  • Turn right and enter the small storage room (It should have a storage rack inside).
  • The crowbar is on the top level of the rack, making it not visible if you don't jump.


On the corner of a platform near the helipad (There are multiple similar platforms, make sure you are at the right one). You can use an adrenaline shot to get to it as it is a very hard jump on its own.

  • Make sure you have your adrenaline and head to the helipad.
  • There should be a small platform which has a lantern and spotlight.
  • Use your adrenaline to jump to the platform.
  • The crowbar should be on an outcropping at the far corner.

Crash Course[]


Behind the concrete barrier next to the bridge's booth where the Howitzer will fire at.

  • Head toward the booth to the right of the bridge.
  • Jump onto the concrete barricade.
  • The crowbar should be just behind it.

Truck Depot[]

Hooked to the fender of a bus in the corner.

  • Head into the depot and go to the right.
  • Go behind the 2 buses where and toward the brick wall (There should be a chainsaw and M60).
  • The crowbar should be hooked onto the fender of the bus.

Death Toll[]


On the concrete above the sewer pipe to the left of where you initially spawn.

  • Go the the left of where you spawn, toward the sewer pipe.
  • Stand under the metal pipe and next to the wall of the sewer pipe.
  • Jump and you should be able to grab the crowbar.


On a ledge above the piano (You will need to jump on the piano to reach it) facing the safe room.

  • Jump onto the piano.
  • While facing the safe room, jump.
  • The crowbar should be in the ledge directly in front of you.


On the white booth for the Theatre.

  • Go toward the Theatre booth.
  • Once you are up against it, jump.
  • The crowbar should be on top of it.


Hooked on a tree next to a rock. It is found in the side of the house which does not have the building.

  • Go to the right of the lake house (You should spawn on the pier).
  • There should be 2 separate sloped rocks next to 2 separate trees.
  • Go to the further rock.
  • Jump up the rock and the crowbar should be hooked onto the tree.

Dead Air[]

The Crane[]

In the burning oil barrel next to the crane controls.

  • Go to the oil barrel which has fire coming out of the top.
  • The crowbar should be inside of its fire.

Construction Site[]

Behind a concrete pillar next to scaffolding. There are many like this, so make sure to search each one.

  • Head to the open area which has: 9 concrete pillars, many supplies and a watchtower.
  • Go the to pillar which is next to scaffolding only.
  • The crowbar should be between the pillar and scaffolding.

The Terminal[]

Hooked to the urinal closest to the wall in the men's restroom.

  • Go to the men's restroom.
  • The crowbar should be hooked onto the urinal closest to the wall.

The Runway[]

On the end of the furthest gangway (Walkway where people can access planes from the airport directly).

  • Go toward the furthest gangway.
  • Go onto the mount between the luggage pile and cart.
  • The crowbar should be on the gangway floor which you can get by jumping.

Blood Harvest[]


On the large wooden crate on the other side of where the crescendo event activation is. You will need to jump down from the walkway onto the crate to access it.

  • Go onto the walkway on the opposite side of where you begin the survival run.
  • Go directly over the large wooden crate and drop down onto it.
  • The crowbar should be behind a set of metal pipes above the crate.

The Bridge[]

Behind the train car nearest to the derailed train car which destroys the bridge.

  • Go between the terrain and train car nearest to the derailed one.
  • The crowbar should be found next to the terrain behind the train car.

The Farmhouse[]

Next to a pile of chopped logs at the far end of the barn.

  • Head to the back side of the barn.
  • The crowbar should be located between a pile of chopped logs and the barn wall.

The Sacrifice[]

Train Car[]

On the lowest point of the fire escape of the building furthest from the train car. You must jump on the boat and grab the crowbar mid-air.

  • Jump onto the boat behind the shipping containers furthest from the train car.
  • Look toward the brick building's fire escape.
  • Jump toward it and press 'E'.
  • The crowbar is on the lowest ledge of the fire escape, opposite of the ladder.

The Barge[]

On the brick building next to the lorry. You must jump on a street post and grab the crowbar mid-air.

  • Go behind the large lorry but stay on the pavement.
  • Jump onto the street post nearest to the brick wall.
  • Jump toward the wall and power pole whilst repeatedly pressing 'E'.
  • The crowbar is on the top of the brick wall, fairly far on the roof.

The Port[]

It is found near the far generator, hooked to a sloped roof past a very short fence.

  • Jump onto the power gauges (if effect detail is "low" affect the power gauges is invisible model), and then the scaffolding.
  • Turn around to face the small fence which allows infected to spawn.
  • Jump toward the fence whilst repeatedly pressing 'E'.
  • You will need to grab the crowbar mid-air.
  • The crowbar is hooked onto a sloped roof to the right.

The Last Stand[]

The Junkyard[]

It is behind a shipping container near the one which will be lifted into the air.

  • Go towards the shipping container which the electromagnet will pick up.
  • Go behind the shipping container to the left of the one which will be picked up.
  • The crowbar should be between the shipping container and a large rock.

The Lighthouse[]

It is on a second storey windowsill which is relatively difficult to access normally.

  • Go behind the lighthouse where you find a stack of logs with an axe stuck to it.
  • Jump onto the log (Sprint from the axe's side which has higher elevation).
  • The crowbar should be on the windowsill of the window on the wall.