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Eastern Waterworks
State Fairfield, Pennsylvania, USA Flag of the United States.svg
Whitney County, Pennsylvania, USA Flag of the United States.svg
Riverside, Pennsylvania, USA Flag of the United States.svg
Campaigns No Mercy, Crash Course, Death Toll
"Hospital is on the other side of the waterworks!"
"Waterworks. That where you pick up your crying supplies Bill? Hahahaha...I am hilarious!"

Eastern Waterworks plays a minor role in Left 4 Dead (it is not seen in Left 4 Dead 2). The company is mainly seen in No Mercy, Crash Course, and the Death Toll campaigns where the Survivors pass through the processing facilities.


Eastern Waterworks is a water treatment and reticulation plant serving numerous towns, cities, and villages. The city of Fairfield has a facility that is located next to a Hersch Shipping Company warehouse. The plant is directly connected to The Sewers under Fairfield and connects to the nearby hospital, Mercy Hospital. Another processing plant is seen in Whitney County near the riverbank where it treats the nearby river. Near the town of Riverside, another facility is responsible for managing the drains and overflow pipes. This facility helps control and regulate the water levels in the event of flooding and flood gates helps control it. There is a joint operation with Hersch Shipping Company as the two companies are somehow connected and are always found nearby each other.

Current Status[]

Even though the infection hit the U.S., it seems that these processing plants and facilities continued to operate (probably under automated machinery) even though nobody is there to monitor the plant, pumps and machinery are still heard operating and water levels are controlled and maintained. The Survivors enter the waterworks factory in Fairfield and navigate through the city sewers to which they used to get to Mercy Hospital. In Whitney County, the Survivors blow up the military barricade at the bridge and once they cross it, another plant is seen down below near the river; however, the Survivors don't actually go through this plant. When the Survivors are just outside the town of Riverside, they must enter the town's drainage and overflow pipes in order to continue on where the Survivors must lower the flood gate in order to proceed onward; however, when lowering, an alarm sounds and alerts the horde.



  • The Eastern Waterworks is usually seen with the Hersch Shipping warehouses
  • Louis seems to have some knowledge about the company as he knows about the drainage/overflow pipes near Riverside
  • Due to the name of the company, it most likely only operates along the Eastern part of the United States