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Ducatel Sugar Company.jpg
Ducatel Sugar Compnay
State Ducatel, Mississippi
Campaigns "Hard Rain"

All that sugar... It's a damn shame.Coach

Finally! There's the gas station!Nick

The Ducatel Sugar Company also known as The Sugar Mill is the main setting of the second and third chapters of the "Hard Rain" campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.


One of Ducatel's best known companies, the sugar mill provided employment to a significant number of the area's residents. The sugar mill itself has about six different buildings, several processing tanks and a large cane field. However, it seems that something may have happened either to the company or the buildings themselves, resulting in the factory being scheduled to be torn down.

Current Status

Witches in Ducatel Sugar.jpg
Multiple Wandering Witches in the Ducatel Sugar Company mill
As the factory was in the process of being torn down, the outbreak of the Green Flu virus reached this area. CEDA left another Solar Message Sign behind which directed the residents to Ducatel Diesel through the sugar mill. The work was halted as everyone living in the nearby town attempted to evacuate to New Orleans. However, most of the workers did not make it out of the area in time and succumbed to the Infection. Some refugees also took cover inside the partially collapsed mill, but they most likely turned into Infected or were killed by the Witches that had been attracted to the sugar at the mill.


  • Coach is saddened upon learning about the fate of the sugar in the sugar mill, an obvious nod to his unhealthy diet.
  • The Ducatel Diesel gas station which the Survivors retrieved the fuel that they used to refuel the Lagniappe was right beside the cane field.
  • The presence of the sugar seems to draw more Witches to this area.
  • If the Survivors pass through the sugar mill without startling / killing any of the Witches, you will earn the "SOB STORY" achievement.
  • The Survivors went through exactly the same parts of the mill when they left the area with the gas. However, due to the heavy rain, they may be forced to take slightly different routes to avoid the water.
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