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Ducatel Gas Bar 3.jpg
Ducatel Gas Bar
State Ducatel, Mississippi
Campaigns Hard Rain
"Out of gas... shit."
"No gas. See? What did I say? Looks like our milk run just turned into a marathon."

Ducatel Gas Bar is a gas station in the town called Ducatel and plays a minor role as a location and starting point in the first chapter of the Hard Rain campaign of Left 4 Dead 2.


One of at least two highway gas stations in the town of Ducatel, it helps meet the needs of the tourists and travelers who passed by as well as the residents of Ducatel. The gas station is one of the smallest and has two fuel pumps and a convenience store. The gas station's convenience store sells beer, bait (Most likely for fishing) as well as other small convenient items and there is also a payphone and newspaper stands just outside the convenience store.

Current Status[]

When CEDA ordered an immediate evacuation of the area due to the continuous failure of containing the Infection, the residents and tourists decided to obey CEDA's orders and evacuate. They took all of the gas out of the pumps and CEDA left a Solar Portable Message Sign that displayed "Next Gas: 2 Miles. Ducatel Diesel" in case any Survivors should pass by looking for more gas. The gas bar was barricaded and some vehicles were left abandoned in front of the pumps due to the lack of gas.

The Survivors got off Virgil's boat and passed through the Burger Tank in order to get to the gas station across the street looking for more fuel. Unfortunately, they discovered that the pumps are dry and they have to hike to the next nearest gas station, Ducatel Diesel.



  • This is the third gas station that the Survivors passed by or went through in the entire Left 4 Dead series.
    • This gas station is the smallest out of all of the gas stations encountered in-game.
  • The same sign that was at Wilsons Gas Station that said that it was Out of Gas is also seen at this gas station as well.
  • The gas at this station costed as follows:
    • Unlead Gasoline: $7.09 9/10 per gallon
    • Premium Gasoline: $7.29 9/10 per gallon
    • Diesel: $7.19 9/10 per gallon
    • This was also the same price at Wilsons Gas Station as well.
  • Also similar to Wilsons Gas Station, this gas station could not blow up like the Pump 'N' Run Gas station either due to there being no fuel left in the gas pumps.
    • Curiously, Ducatel Diesel also could not blow up despite still having fuel.
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