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Ducatel Diesel
Ducatel Diesel Gas Station
State Ducatel, Mississippi
Campaigns Hard Rain,Gas Fever
"Looks like the gas is inside..."
"Everyone got a gas can? I don't want to make this trip twice."

Ducatel Diesel Gas Station serves as the main objective for the Survivors in the campaign Hard Rain and the custom campaign Gas Fever in Left 4 Dead 2. It appears at the end of chapter two and the beginning of chapter three in both campaigns.


This four-pump gas station is a typical roadside service facility on rural two-lane, blacktop highways anywhere in the United States. Apart from selling gas and diesel fuel, they provide facilities for comfort stops, serving food and drinks to truckers and motorists on a 24-hour basis. Attached to Ducatel Diesel is a typical "greasy spoon" café serving cocktails, pies and seafood dishes as well as a convenience store stocking such staples as beer, cigarettes, ice and packaged snack foods.

Current StatusEdit

Diesel tanks

The four remaining diesel tanks and graffiti instructions to take fair rations of fuel.

After Ducatel received the order to evacuate due to the Green Flu, it is presumed that the inhabitants went on a fuel-buying panic to escape from town. Ducatel Diesel's operators in response rationed the gas into five gallon Gas cans. Once the craze died out, they siphoned all the remaining fuel from their gas pumps and stored it in a safe room behind the cafe, leaving behind a message to ration the gas or be killed for disobeying the rules. As time passed, passing Survivors who needed gas went into the safe room and took what they needed, telling any other potential passerby to ration the gas as well.

Alternatively, their operators panicked and left the gas station completely alone. Passing Survivors then siphoned the fuel and left it in the safe room, telling anyone who would pass by to ration the gas or be killed.

Regardless of what actually happened, by the time the Survivors come to the gas station in the hope of finding fuel for Virgil's boat, the gas station is overrun with Infected and only four gas cans are conveniently placed in the safe room. It is possible some Survivors tried to hold out but were routed/killed due to the nearby sugar company which attracted witches around the area.


  • The gas station café's back room serves as a safe room.
  • Players enter and exit the safe room through the same door (even though the door itself somehow changes appearance between chapters).
  • This gas station cannot be blown up like the gas station in No Mercy, presumably because all the gas has been siphoned from its underground storage tanks.
  • The Ducatel Sugar Company is located across a sugar cane field at some distance from the gas station.
  • Navigating across this field is facilitated by tracking an effluent pipe that extends from the sugar mill partway into the cane field.
  • Only the letter "A" is seen lighting up of the Ducatel Diesel sign where it says "GAS".
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