L4d bh finale
Daughtery Farm
State 115 North Hill Road
Upstate Pennsylvania, USA
Campaigns Blood Harvest
"That is one creepy ass house."
"Hurry! Get to the farmhouse!"

Daughtery Farm is the setting of the finale of the Blood Harvest campaign, in the chapter Farmhouse Finale. This farm serves as the main objective for the Survivors from the very beginning of the campaign when they see the CEDA evacuation notice sign in Allegheny National Forest. It is a two-storey farmhouse.


Daughtery Farm 01

The Farmhouse

Located on the edge of Allegheny National Forest, the address of the farmhouse is 115 North Hill Road. The freight company Richardson Atlantic has railroad tracks that run alongside the farm. The Daughtery family currently owns this farm and grow corn on the land, as well as harvest hay. The farm has a main two-story house, a garage that houses the tractor, and a barn that may have had livestock in it.

Current StatusEdit

L4d farm01 hilltop0019

CEDA notice directing people to the farm

CEDA initially set up an evacuation center at this farm since it is the only building in the immediate area; however, once the military took over, they set up an outpost at the farmhouse and designated it Evacuation Outpost Echo. It was used to provide passage to the northeastern safe zone (or first, to Millhaven). The soldiers put up notice signs telling refugees that they are about to enter a military outpost zone and to listen to military personnel; however, the soldiers were killed by the infected. Instead of the soldiers at Millhaven sending another squad or platoon to the farmhouse, they decide to play a tape loop over the radio and await to see if anyone answers.
Sign 1

Signs put up by the military

The Survivors enter the farm by the small cliff near the Richardson Atlantic railroad tracks. Once they enter the cornfield, they startle a murder of crows, which alerts the horde. Once the horde settles down, they head towards the farmhouse and get ready to be rescued by the military. Once they inform the military of their position, Lt. Mora joins Rescue 9 in the armored personnel carrier to go and rescue the Survivors. Once they pick up the Survivors, Lt. Mora and Rescue 9 takes everyone to Millhaven.


  • The farm is also seen in The Sacrifice (comic).
  • It is revealed that one of the military soldiers driving the APC is Lt. Mora.
  • After leaving the farm, the Survivors are taken immediately to Millhaven to determine their status of Infection (where they find out they are carriers).
  • The idea of the crows being startled and alerting the horde is also used in The Sacrifice chapter, The Barge.
  • The farmhouse and surrounding cornfield bear a strong resemblance to the family farm in the movie Signs, which also takes place in Pennsylvania.
  • While it's clear that Left 4 Dead is set in the United States, the APC seen in this map's campaign is based off a German-made TPz Fuchs, not an American one like the Cadillac Gage Commando for example. This is because it is possibly the U.S. Army's CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radological, & Nuclear) Reconnaissance Vehicle, the M93 Fox
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